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Learning Logs

PD 11-14-12

Jessica Burns

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Learning Logs

Learning Logs
Learning Target
Teachers at Ballou will know what Learning Logs are and be able to implement this reflective tool in their classrooms this year.
Define Learning Logs
Use Qwizdom Remotes.
(Six easy questions)
A Cornell Notes Alternative
Learning Logs
The learning log is a technique to help students articulate what they've learned and discover what they don't understand by writing their thoughts, reactions, and responses to class lectures, labs, videos, or discussions.
What is a Learning Log?
The learning log is a technique
to help students focus
on what they are learning in their classes by writing their thoughts,
reactions, and responses to class lectures, videos, or discussions.
True or False
Reflect on learning and/or relate to out of class info
Why Use Learning Logs?
Today we will:
Learning Logs are useful because some times you want students to take a lot of notes during a lecture or lab. Also, Learning Logs encourage students to use rote memorization.
True or False
Show a record of growth.
To increase students’ awareness of their own learning processes.
Clarify student thinking/promote writing.
Explore relationships between prior
knowledge and present learning.
Understand "Know" and "Don't Know"
Goals of Learning Logs
Learning Logs can be used to clarify the students thinking?
True or False

Write a letter to another student explaining, in detail, how to do a math problem that you are studying.
After a Math Lesson
“You are there” Scenes:
Place yourself in a historical period or event that you are studying and write about it from the point of view of someone who is there.
After a Social Studies Lesson
Write a dialogue between a person in history and yourself ,
Or between two characters in a story or novel that you are studying.
Again, focus on the questions:
Who? What? Why? How? What if...?
After an English/Social Studies Lesson
What did I learn in class today? How did I learn it?
Something I’m still confused about is... because...
What I learned today will help me because...
What questions do I have now about this topic?
What questions that I had were answered today?
How does this material connect to ideas or information I already know?
One area I feel really confident about after today is … because …
An important activity I was involved in today was... and it affected my learning by...
Basic Learning Log Questions
for any classroom; Including Science!
What do Learning
Logs look like?
D continued
True or False
I will use Learning Logs this year.
Example A
Example B
B continued
Example C
Qwizdom Remotes
Are you alive?
True or False
Example A
Example B
Example C
How does this look?
Look at Learning Log Examples
Not always appropriate to take notes
Active participation may not allow for notes
Requires critical thinking and reflection
Lab work may require reflection afterward
Helps make connections
Another way to show evidence of learning
With personal connections, meaningful learning will occur.
Cornell Way
Slow down and process steps
Use very precise academic language
Focus on the questions
Who? What? Why? How? What if?
After reviewing notes from class,complete the following questions:
Any Questions?
1. Start up menu
2. Computer
3. Shared (Y:)
4. BJH
5. Faculty
7. Learning Logs
Follow the
Yellow Brick

to AVID/Learning Log Resources
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