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Kristen R

No description

Yorba Student

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Kristen R

one million earth an can be as big as the sun
it is 5,778 degrees
on the sun
it orbits around the galactic center
it has crators all over it
it is over 400 celsius
it has very low surface gravitys
the atmosphere there is mostly carbon dioxide
its gravity is almost the same to the earth
the surface is likened by molten lead
only planet that as life
its 4.5 billion years old

its the only planet that has liquid,food and 1 percent of oxygen
eliminate all humans
the dark side of the moon is a myth
It has only been walked on by 12 men
It is 4,527 million years old
Its moons are phobos,and deimos
Is the fourth planet from the sun
Is the second smallest planet
It has 67 moons
Its the largest planet in our solar system
its just as big as jupiter but a little smaller
it is named after a romen god
its a symbal that represents god sickle
It has 27 moons
It is the seventh planet from the sun
It is the third largest planetary radius
This planet is th most dense
It has thirteen moons
It has 11.15 gravity
Its a dwarf planet
It is the planet after Eris
It is the largest
object in kuiper belt
My Solar System
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