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David Lindh

No description

Susan Baker

on 31 May 2018

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Transcript of David Lindh

David Lindh
The Dinka of Sudan

The population of the Dinka tribe is 4,000,000 people

The Dinka Tribe
Manute Bol was 7.7 feet tall

The Dinka are some of the tallest people in the world

FLAG of Sudan
Food in Sudan
The food that Dinka eat are cow milk,fish meat beans tomatos and rice
Map of Sudan
The colers on this flag is red blue green and yellow
The Dinka life Revolves around cattle
Historcal Facts
in 1985, the government in Northern Sudan decided that everyone in their country should be their religion. But South Sudan wanted to keep their religion, therefore causing a war. The Dinka tribesmen had to flee their home and walk east a long way. What did not help is they had to cross through the lion region and come across their worst enemy- the Nuer tribe. They have always had to defend their their land from other tribe
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