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The Renaissance

No description

R Rosso

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of The Renaissance

The Renaissance
The Renaissance means 'rebirth' -> of what?

Time of renewed political, social, economic, and cultural curiosity, especially in the culture of ancient Greece and Rome

Florence (Italy) was the center

Wealthy merchant class developed here and throughout Italy-> $$$$$

Many of these wealthy merchants became
- Financial supporter of the arts

Wanted to beautify the city

Where and Why?

- Intellectual movement based the value of human beings and seek rational ways of solving human problems

Example: Why do the stars move?

Art during this time is focused on human characteristics-> emotional

Throughout Europe, people made connections and worked together to solve these problems- curiosity!

Renaissance Person'
is used to describe someone who has wide interests; expert in several areas

In your rows, come up with 5 people who you can say is a 'Renaissance Person' today and WHY.
The Renaissance
The Renaissance Grows
In 1456,
Johann Gutenberg
printed a complete edition of the Bible using movable type metal- machine was called the
Printing Press

The domino effect...

Books became easier to make > complete five more links!!!

Unit Two: Renaissance and Reformation

(1) Group rules & roles due tonight

(2) Bring your textbook next class!

Why Florence?
What Was it All About?
In your semester teams, develop a list of 12 things you would like to learn how to do (Each group member contributes)

ex. Homemade pasta

Do NOT put your names on it

Directions to come...
Most famous Renaissance artist

Created the
Mona Lisa
The Last Supper

Contributed to music, engineering, architecture, and optics

Case Study: The Legacy of Da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci
(1) Charged laptops next class

(2) Unit 2, Quiz #1 on 9.26 & 9.27 (Tuesday/Wednesday)
Influential Renaissance Artists
Famous work include his marble sculpture
The Pieta

Perhaps his best work took him 4 years- painted the ceiling of the
Sistine Chapel
in Rome.

was younger that these 2 and studied their works. His most famous work is
The School of Athens

Debate between what is focus of life- heaven or humans?

(1) Read & annotate Niccolo Machiavelli's
The Prince

(2) Unit 2, Quiz #1 on Tuesday/Wednesday

(3) Begin to research semester project, including timelines & poster ideas

Break, then research
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