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The Role of Fear in The Crucible

No description

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The Role of Fear in The Crucible

John Proctor
Mary Warren
Fears being hung
Admits to witchcraft and accuses John Proctor as being the Devil's man
Reverend Parris
Main Idea
Fear influences people to take extreme measures and act irrationally
Abigail Williams
Fearful of gaining a bad social status or being shunned because of events in the forest
Accuses Tituba of witchcraft
Fears losing Proctor
When accusation works with Tituba tries the same to get rid of Goody Proctor
Fears being caught in all of her lies
Accuses Mary Warren
Runs away
What role does fear play in The Crucible and how is this shown in the characterization of the play?
The Role of Fear in The Crucible
What Is Fear?
Caused by threat of danger or harm
Anxiety for oneself or another
Feelings of dread
Quotes from Abigail Williams
"ABIGAIL. And mark this. Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about the other things, and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you. And you know I can do it;" (19)
Fears he will lose his social status if people believe Betty is a witch
Calls someone from another town to examine her and goes along with the rest of Abby's accusations
Quotes from John Proctor
"PROCTOR. I have confessed myself! Is there no good penitence but it be public? God does not need my name nailed upon the church! God sees my name; God knows how black my sins are! It is enough!" (132)
Quotes from Mary Warren
Her eyes fall on Mary Warren.
, terrified, pleading.
Abby!" (101)
Elizabeth Proctor
Fears John will be prosecuted if the truth about the affair gets out
Lies to Danforth when asked, after Proctor accused Abby of being a whore
Quotes from Elizabeth Proctor
"DANFORTH. To your own knowledge, has John Proctor ever committed the crime of lechery?
In a crisis of indecision, she cannot speak.
Answer my question! Is your husband a lecher!
. No, sir. (105)
Quotes from Reverend Parris
"But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must know it now, for surely my enemies will and they will ruin me with it" (10)

"Thomas, Thomas, I pray you, leap not to witchcraft. I know that you...would never wish such a disastrous charge laid upon me...They will howl me out of Salem for such corruption in my house." (11)
Fears blackening his name for something he did not do
Signs name on confession sheet, but won't let it be hung
Fears being labeled as an adulterer
Does not immediately say that Abby only did this to get Proctor to herself
not knowing what to say, sensing a situation, wetting her lips to stall for time.
, pointing at Proctor.
You're the Devil's man!" (110)
"MARY WARREN, her sobs beginning. He wakes me every night, his eyes were like coals and his fingers claw my neck, and I sign, I sign..." (110)
trembling his life collapsing about him.
I have known her, sir." (102)
"PROCTOR. Aye, but we did not" (22)
"ABIGAIL. You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is, you love me yet!
He turns abruptly to go out. She rushes to him.
John, pity me, pity me!" (22)
"PARRIS. I think they [Abigail and Mercy Lewis] be aboard a ship... Thirty-one pound is gone." (117)
In Conclusion...
In The Crucible, the element of fear caused the people of Salem to act irrationally and the play represents how far people will go to protect themselves and those that they love.
By Maddie Scozzari
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