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CS 2436 Presentation

No description

Akito Ito

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of CS 2436 Presentation

1. What is an internship?

2. How and where do we get an internship job?
Definition of an internship
- The position of a student who works in an
organization, sometimes without pay, in order
to gain work experiences.
What is an internship?
How do we find an internship?
Why an internship?
Key to success - Internship
CS 2436 Akito Ito
1. Hands-on experience
2. Social and networking
University website, i.e. comet careers for UTD
1. Website
Better understanding of the job
Testing your skills
Improving/learning skills by doing
Knowing more people and company from a specific industry
Meet as many people as possible and market yourself!!

- communication skills
- time management
- coding (practical skills)
Online website such as indeed.com, internships.com, LinkedIn
2. Connection
This is why social/networking is always important!
Tips on how to get an internship
Study hard, and never stop learning!
Always have your resume and cover letter ready, and make sure they are formally and nicely written with no grammar mistakes!
When going to an interview, research about that company, and dress as nice as possible
Apply as many as possible
More options is better
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