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Structure and written expression

No description

Rogers Rocha

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Structure and written expression

An object of a preposition can cause confusion because it can be mistaken for the subject of the sentence.
Object of Preposition
Be sure the sentence has a subject and a verb
Object of prepositions
Past Participles
An appositive can also be mistaken for the subject of a sentence.
They can cause confusion because can be either part of a verb or an adjective.
Gerunds (present participles)
They can be either an adjective or part of a verb.
Past Participles
Structure and Written Expression
___________ was backed up for miles
a) Yesterday
b) In the morning
d) Cars

With his friend ________found the movie theater.
a) has
b) he
c) later
d) when
common prepositions: in, at, of, to, by, behind, on, for, from, among etc.
_______, George, is attending the lecture.

a) Right now
b) Happily
c) Because of the time
d) My friend
The man
is talking
to his friend.
The man
to his friend has a beard.
The child _____ playing in the yard is my son.

a) now
b) is
c) he
d) was
The family
has purchased
a television
The television
yesterday was expensive
The packages _____ mailed at the post office will arrive on Monday.

a) have
b) were
c) them
d) just
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