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World View


Catherine Meyers- Miller

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of World View

Canada's World View Contact with other groups Worldview Values and Beliefs Canada's IDEA'S & KNOWLEDGE Geography Christianity
Buddhism Hinduism Islam Judaism Sikhism Atheisim -Canada's land mass is 9,970,610
square kilometres.
-Canada is the second largest country,
in front of US and behind Russia.
-The Great Bear lake is the largest
lake in canada
-Canada has six time zones
-Canada's capital is Ottawa
Canada is a culturally diverse society. We value peace, justice, democracy, respect for different cultures, universal health care, good government and human rights.
We are "United in our diversities"
First Nations
Europeans First Nations have
lived in Canada for
12,00 years. They
believe in oral
language. The
Europeans drove the
first Nations off their
land. First Nations
help the Europeans
with the Hudsons Bay Europeans came to Canada in 1604. They came to Canada because they were looking for a route to Asia to trade silk and spices. The Europeans colonized, developed government, laws, and economics. Acadians I think Acadians
brought their culture
from France to Canada.
Jacques Cartier was an explore.
He was sent by the King to find
a route to Asia. Jacques Cartier
discovered Newfoundland and
Prince Edward Island. Queen Elizabeth the
second is the head of
state for Canada.
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Henry Hudson
was an English
sea explorer and
navigator. Dr. Frederick
Banting won the
Nobel Peace Prize
in medicine. Dr. Norman
Bethune was a
doctor and
inventor. He
dedicated his life to help humans and he
was a doctor in the spanish
civil war. Environment Global Warming is when
pollution or co2 is released into
the air and causes the
ozone layer to deteriorate.
The ozone layer is an
invisable circle around the
outside of the earth that
protects the earth from the
sun rays. Because the ozone layer
is deteriorating very quickly
because of humans, many animals,
people and plants are suffering.

Conclusion I think I'm really privileged to live in Canada and be Canadian. I think Canada's a beautiful place to live. Thank you for watching
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