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Search engines

No description

Nicky Mohr

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Search engines

Thank you for watching Search engines theres google and bing and many others , the main one is google which is used worldwide. there can be website ones, video ones music ones,and lots of others. What types are there? A search engine is website or picture or music finder basically. It can find any website in half a second!
used globley on laptops ,computers, net books , phones.
it can search anyone website in the world in seconds! What are they? search engines are platforms of the internet and when you type in a word, they come up with every page that is related to that word so if I typed in David Beckham' then it would come uup with anything relate to david beckham. How top websites get to the top? well they either pay or get visit from the viewers of the website How They Work? Paid results paid results are normally big companys like dell , youtube and many others Organic results Organic results are the ones that are most viewed
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