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Lily Griffiths

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of YANGTZE RIVER

Facts & Features
The river is 6,380 km long and (3,964 miles) and in yards it's around 6,976,640 it is the longest river in China. The Yangtze river is the 3rd longest river in the world but it's the longest river in the world to flow entirely within china.The mouth to the Yangtze river is the East China Sea. The Yangtze River is the largest water system in china.
Native Flora and Fauna
The native flora of China has more than 30,000 plant species: Bamboo
Shrubs Much of china’s vegetation has been altered by thousands of years of human settlement, but isolated areas still support one of the world’s richest and most varied collections of plants and animals. More than 7,000 species of woody plants have been recorded of which there are at least 2,800 timber trees and way over 300 species of gymnosperms. Gymnosperms are a group of seep-producing plants.
The native fauna of china is:
Red panda
Snub nosed monkey

Native inhabitants
Threat of the river
Over 50 years, there has been a 73% increase in pollution levels from hundreds of cities along the river 42% discharge is sewage, 45% is total discharge.
Yangtze River
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