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Avery and Madisons Medal of honor project

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lib hist

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Avery and Madisons Medal of honor project

Avery & Madison's Medal of Honor Presentation
Thank you for your service
Roy Benavidez, Mary Walker, William Adams, and Ernest Evans are truly some of the most Honorable Americans on this Earth.Roy, Mary, William, and Ernest received the Medal Of Honor for their tremendous meritorious actions, all four of these Medal Of Honor recipients went above and beyond the call of duty in the face of danger. They selflessly fought to protect our lives, freedom, and country.They scarified their families, everything, to serve for our nation. I am truly grateful to have learned about the Medal Of Honor, and the wonderful people that made it possible!
Mary Walker
Mary E. Walker received the highest United States Armed Forces decoration for bravery, the Medal of Honor, for her service during the Civil War.Mary is the only woman to receive the medal of honor out of 3,515 recipients. Mary was a graduate of medicine , a volunteer civilian, and worked as an unpaid field surgeon. In September 1863, Dr.Walker was assigned to duty and served as an "Contract Acting Assistant Surgeon (civilian)", and became the first female surgeon employed by the U.S. Army Surgeon. Walker later served as an assistant surgeon of the 52nd Ohio Infantry. During her service, she frequently crossed battle lines and treated civilians. While serving as a Contract Surgeon she was captured by Confederate troops (after finishing an amputation), and arrested as a spy, for four months in a Southern prison.
Dr. Walker showed honor because she was continuously devoted to tend to sick and wounded soldiers, to the detriment ( state of her own health).
Dr. Walker showed courage because she knew there was a huge possibility of being held prisoner, however; that didn't stop her from doing her job.
Dr. Walker showed patriotism because she had devoted herself with much patriotic zeal to the sick and wounded.
Dr. Walker showed tremendous valor by treating people as a union spy and being brave in the face of danger.
Although, she endured servere hardships as a prisoner she continued to persevere as a devoted Contract Surgeon and as a honorable citizen.
Roy Benavidez
Roy p. Benavidez received the Medal of Honor by president Ronald Reagan for his act of heroism and courage towards his con rads and country. He served in the Vietnam War. He served through 1952–1976. Roy had over thirty seven puncture wounds. His intestines were exposed. He could not see as his eyes were all soaked in blood and could not open. He couldn't speak because his jaw was broken and he was also clubbed by a North Vietnamese rifle.A call came through the radio of men yelling for help, Roy volunteered immediately. As he was running towards the soldiers he got shot in the leg, but he pretended to be OK and kept running towards the wounded. As he was running while being shot he got hit with a hand grenade and ripped his face. But continued to run. As he reached the wounded he gave them Morphine and dragged them to the helicopter, but got shot again in his right thigh (2nd gunshot wound). Now he attended the second rescue group but while running to save more soldier's a bullet struck his stomach and a grenade shattered his back. After rescuing all those people and putting them on the helicopter, the pilot was shot dead and and the helicopter crashed, but Roy didn't stop and give up there. Coughing blood, Roy started pulling people from the crash. Roy risked his life and despite being in critical condition he still saved others. He showed great heroism and love for his country.
Roy showed great honor by saving his con rad's and earning high respect from his country. He deserved the Medal of Honor.
Roy showed courage by facing the enemy and fighting them off while helping his fellow wounded soldiers .
Roy showed patriotism by fighting for his country and saving his men even though he was in great pain but still saved his fellow brothers.
Roy should tremendous valor by fighting off the enemy and being brave in the face of danger by saving them despite being in critical condition

It was not only a miracle he survived it was a bigger miracle he survived and still helped other people survive.
Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the United States of America's highest military honor, awarded for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. The medal is awarded by the President of the United States in the name of the U.S. Congress to U.S. military personnel only. The Medal of Honor was first signed into act by the 16Th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln on July 12Th 1862. This medal is to give respect and honor to fighting soldiers in all branches of U.S. military. The medal has reached over 3,400 men and 1 women. This medal has so much respect it cannot be touched unless you are the one receiving the medal, otherwise it is illegal.
William Adams
William Adams showed honor by saving three men and becoming very well respected by his comrades as well as nation.
Adams showed courage by volunteering to help save his fellow brothers and returning with the job done.
Adams showed patriotism by fighting for his country and saving men who also represented the U.S in battle.
William Adams showed Valor by flying a small helicopter while being under attack to save three wounded men.
He showed great acts of courage in the face of danger as well known as having acts of Valor.
Ernest Evans
Ernest Evans was the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Johnston in action against the units of the enemy Japanese fleets, during the battle off Samar on October 25, 1944.Commander Evans was the first to lay a smokescreen and the first to open fire as an enemy task force, as the enemy, vast in number, armor and firepower: was quickly approaching. Ernest redirected the robust blasts of guns aimed by the armed, and launched the first torpedo attack when the Johnston came under. The Johnston endured a large amount of damaged caused by fire, however;Evans joined his group to help provide fire support during the constant torpedo attacks against the Japanese. Commander Evans brilliantly out thought and out shot the Japanese by repeating the routine of inserting his vessel between the enemy units and our carriers despite the failure of the engine power and communications, he redirected commands, and changed orders, while battling toughly until the Johnston, took a blow that left it burning; which caused it to lay dead in the water for 3 hours after tough combat. Although, Commander Evans was seriously wounded, he pulled through, and helped turning back the Japanese.
Commander Evans showed Honor because he continued to fight through the "flames of the fire", constant attacks by the enemy ( which was vast in number, armor and firepower), and through continuous loss.
Commander Evans showed Courage because he knew there was a huge possibility of being injured and or killed in this fierce battle, however; he persevered and successfully turned back the enemy.
Commander Evans showed patriotism because he presented patriotic zeal through his tasks.
Commander Evans show tremendous valor by fighting off the enemy and being brave in the face of danger
. Although,he endured many hardships, injury, and being fired at he preserved by leading his group to battle fiercely.
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Roy Benavidez after receiving the Medal of Honor with President Ronald Reagan
Mary Walker
Contract Acting Assistant Surgeon (civilian)
Ernest Edward Evans
William Adams
William Adams was a Major in the U.S. Army. He received the Medal of Honor posthumous after being killed in the Vietnam War.He showed amazing acts of Valor while he flew a small helicopter to save three wounded soldiers but while flying he was almost shot down and was under attack. He managed to find the three wounded soldiers and safely bring them back to safety.
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