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Chile normal fault earthquake.

No description

Kristen Blais

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Chile normal fault earthquake.

Chile Earthquake
This earthquake wasn't just an regular earthquake. it was also the biggest earthquake in the 20th century. It triggered other things like tsunami; Killing hundreds of thousands other human beings.The earthquake was very destructive it killed about 1,165 people, but with the tsunami involved it killed almost 5,000. Fun Factoid Chile was struck on February 27, 2010 with an 8.8 earthquake that caused the Earth to spin slightly faster. Another facts about this earthquake was that there was a slight tremor about 30 minutes before the actual 9.5 earthquake; this tremor was a sign to the people to move to a safer area. The tremor saved lots of lives.
Other Earthquakes
There are not many earthquakes like mine. A lot of the earthquakes are in the 8.0-9.0. Which are big earthquakes don't get me wrong,but i had to lower the magnitude. My earthquakes magnitude was 9.5 which was the biggest earthquake in the world. So i had to lower the magnitude to find a magnitude closest to mine. I picked the second largest earthquake in the world which was a 9.2 earthquake located in Alaska. This earthquakes date was in March 28, 1964. This earthquake and tsunami took the lives of 131 people. There was no warning of this earthquake. It was a complete shock to the people of Alaska. Lucky only few died, but still it was sad to see people dieing of this massive earthquake.
More information!
My earthquake is at a convergent boundary fault line. Which means that when earthquakes happen the land masses move together. So basically if you have a convergent boundary you know it moves together. As you see in the diagram here the convergent boundary makes earthquakes and volcanoes both. there are two other types of fault. The first fault is a strike slip fault which means that it moves diagonal and slides past. Then there is another type of fault. Aside from the convergent boundary and the strike slip fault there is one more. The last fault or boundary is the divergent boundary; this boundary moves the two land masses apart.

This earthquake was the largest in the world. As you may already know based on the title this earthquake happen in Chile. Chile is located in south America. When the earthquake happened it happened along the shore as you can see in the picture above. This earthquake followed by a tsunami was so strong that it hit Hawaii only 15 hour prior to hitting chile. it also hit Japan and the Philippines killing hundreds more.
More Information!
Chile may 22, 1960 (earthquake)
By Kristen Blais.

this chile earthquake was the largest earthquake recorded in the 20th century. This earthquake hit at 7:11pm, and was approximately 100 miles off the coast of chile. its magnitude was 9.5. it killed about 1,655 people, injured 3,000, and 2,000,000 were left homeless. This kind of earthquake is a convergent boundary; Which means stuff goes under then makes the land mass rise. This massive 9.5 magnitude earthquake caused many things. This earthquake caused a tsunami that rose up to 80 feet high. this earthquake can be called Valdivia Earthquake, or Great Chilean Earthquake.
Other Information
As of other earthquakes associated with mine it is kinda hard. I have found not many with the magnitude of mine. Actually the closest i have found to my magnitude it a 9.2 earthquake which was the second largest in the world. which took place in Alaska. Not many people know that the largest earthquake in the world was in chile. Many people would guess that there are earthquake that reach the magnitude of 10, but they are wrong. Lot of people think that science is stupid, but without science and engineering we would be safe. Without this technology that we have now we would not be able to live the way we do. The education we have now would be pointless without science. Well the only thing i want to say now is that without science we would still be living out in the wild. No shelter. No food, cloths. Everything would be simple. Science is a great thing. It helps people learn about generation yet to come, and also our past. Without this we would not be able to live as we live now. Science is a great gift; don't dis guard it.
Safety Tips
These are some vital tips on how to stay safe during an earthquake.First and foremost you need to have ready a first aid kit. which should include bandages, non-perishable food items, a few water bottles, Radio, flashlights, Goggles and face masks. The second most important thing to do is turn off your gas and water. This will cause you lots of damage if you don't. The reason is because the gas line could start a fire and water is dangerous to electricity. if you do not have this plan and there is an earthquake you need to find something sturdy and start hiding under it. If you find yourself in this situation you need to get under something protecting you head. You need to have your hands over your head. Stay away from windows and other glass. Stay away from bookshelves that could fall on you. if you are outside find a clear spot and drop to the ground. If you are in your car slowly down and find a clear spot to pull over. If you are sleeping and wake up to a earthquake take a pillow and put it over your head.
May 22, 1960
Normal Fault earthquake
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