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Symbolism in "their eyes were watching god"

No description

Brittany Warren

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Symbolism in "their eyes were watching god"

Janie's Hair
Janie's hair has multiple meanings

Reflects her white heritage (in appearance, it reflects a white person's hair.
Sexual attraction
Her relationship with every one of her husbands as her life progresses.
Symbolism in "their eyes were watching god"
The game that Tea Cake and Janie played was checkers. The checkerboard symbolizes equality for women, since at the time, Janie wasn't considered an equal.
Head Rag
Janie's head rag, when she was married to Jody, symbolizes her oppression as a woman. She felt trapped, and Jody was not allowing her to keep her hair down for fear of another man stealing her.
Pear Tree
The pear tree in this story represents Janie's womanhood. She saw the pear tree, the bees, and the flowers and decided to kiss Johnnie Taylor. Thus, she became the woman she is today.
The Mule
The mule symbolizes the strained relationship between Jody and Janie, since the mule was beaten constantly.
There are five symbols to focus on...they are part of the foundation of the book. Symbols help you to understand the book better, and have an underlying meaning that, once you get, make the book more interesting.
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