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U.S. Education vs. Finland Education

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Katerina Reyes

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of U.S. Education vs. Finland Education

U.S. Education
Finland Education

What do you know about Finnish education?

Philosophies of Education
United States's Philosophy of Education:

Essentialism - Strives to teach students the accumulated knowledge of our civilization through core courses in the traditional academic disciplines (Sadker & Zittleman, 2013, p. 250).

Finland's Philosophy of Education:

Progressivism - Organizes schools around the concerns, curiosity, and real-world experience of students (Sadker & Zittleman, 2013, p. 254).
Students will be able to ...

Distinguish the philosophies of education that the U.S. and Finland's teaching resemble.
Discuss both the U.S. and Finland's standardized testing scores.
Compare the U.S. education system to that of Finland.
Identify which teaching philosophy has proven to be most effective.
"Trust Through Professionalism"
Typical Finnish Schooling
All schools are public and funded equally
All schools are paid for by the government, including post secondary
Students start school at age 7
Homework is less time consuming
One Standardized test taken at age 16
No guidelines for class placements
No competition between schools, teachers, and student's performances
Less money is invested per student
Finland in the 1970s
Under-performing education system
Economy was focused on lumber, which was a dying resource
Revamped education with a focus on teachers and teacher preparedness
Why is this important?
Bring awareness to the severity of our under-performing scores
Suggest further research for the possible improvement of our education system
Improve concerning academic achievement gap
Turn and Talk
What do you think about these statistics?

Turn and Talk
U.S. Teachers:

Finnish Teachers:
Standards to abide by
"One size fits all"
Starting salaries are higher
1,500 different teacher education programs
10 years to complete Master's degree
Full autonomy
"Trust through Professionalism"
Starting salaries are lower
1 rigorous teacher education program
Master's degree required upon completion of five-year program
The United States has much to learn from Finland
Based on everything you learned today, what do you think should be the first step the U.S. should take to reform our under-performing education system?
Exit Pass
(Sadker & Zittleman, 2013, p. 298).
Influence on...
U.S. Educators:

Teach to the Test
Objective - Passing Scores
Merit Pay
Teacher Evaluations
U.S. Students:

Pressure to get passing scores
Overwhelming material taught
United States 2012 PISA Results
Finland's 2012 PISA Results
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