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My dads hockey championship

No description

Mr Duke!

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of My dads hockey championship

Quarter finals
The score was very close when we versed ash but we didn't make it into second, third and first place. But we were in fourth place
My dads hockey championship
On Saturday me and my dad were going to his hockey championship for the weekend. But before we did that we went to go pick up my two friends. One of them was called Re-saun and the over called LJ Hern bay it tock 2 hours and 30 minutes we had to stop of at service station for a break and a snack.
we were hear
Finally we were here. the sports center was so big and so loud. our first game the warriors played was against our mortal enimes the knights but we maneged to beet them 2 1 in the first half and 3 1 in the second half. then we watched some over games. We went to go have some but it was preity hard to find a food shop.
The restaurants
We went to go get drested to go to a restaurant to celebrait or victories and games and it was a preety nice restaurants.
Then beach
The hotel
When we got to the hotel it was pretty nice and also sweet but a little shabby. Me and my friend Lj were having a argument about who sleeps on the big bed. But i won and he slept on the smaller bed
Then we went to the beach. we went to have our food down the beach. And played some games . And then we started skimming stones into the sea
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