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Employee Training Menu

Sample Prezi for Aurora Health Care

Kelsi Stoehr

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Employee Training Menu

Employee Training Menu
It's not just what you say but how you say it that makes the difference in relationships. Assertive people tend
to have fewer conflicts, which translates into less life stress. This presentation offers an engaging approach to
learning assertiveness skills and improving relationships.

Session objectives include the following:
• Increase understanding of effective communication
• Review styles of communication
• Practice, practice, practice

Balancing Work and Home
Too many demands and not enough time? Balancing work and home obligations is a daily challenge. This
presentation outlines the basics of work-life balance. Training objectives include the following:

• Assess personal life balance and identify obstacles to maintaining balance
• Examine the role assertiveness plays in maintaining life balance
Learn coping strategies for maintaining life balance

Thriving in Times of Change
No matter how hard we may try, change cannot be avoided. Adapting to change varies depending upon the
person and situation. However, knowing where you are in the change process can help you take the first
steps toward thriving in times of change.

• Identify the change process and how people respond differently to change
• Learn about the stages of change
• Review coping strategies for dealing with change

EAP Employee Orientation
The overview of the Employee Assistance Program is designed to help participants understand the benefit and feel comfortable using the program. Providing a comprehensive introduction, this session includes a description of the EAP benefit, an overview of different types of problems an EAP can address, an explanation of how to access available benefits, as well as a discussion of the advantages of using the EAP.
Managing Conflict Through Respectful Communication
Conflict is a natural part of human relationships. However, as stress levels rise, the potential for conflict increases. In daily life, conflict is often avoided or may be addressed inappropriately. This training session will help attendees begin the process of developing more effective conflict management skills. Session objectives include the following:

• Review common causes and signs of potential conflict
• Understand various conflict management styles
Discuss the importance of respectful communication and identify processes for managing conflict
Creating Wellness – Making Change Real

Health and well-being don’t just happen, they are created. However, the personal change needed to create wellness is a significant challenge. This training session will present information essential to making and maintaining positive change. Session objectives include the following:

• Define wellness
• Describe successful approaches to the change process
Create a personal wellness plan

From Stress to Strength

Work, family, friends, finances, illness - stress can come from almost any aspect of life. This presentation addresses the nature of stress and identifies stress origins and symptoms. Participants will learn proactive
ways to manage stress, using a variety of techniques. Training objectives include the following:

• Identify life stressors and the stress response
• Learn at least one relaxation exercise
• Create a personal stress management plan

Harassment Awareness for Employees

In this training session, we will define harassment, discuss hostile environments, and help employees understand what they can do, if feeling harassed in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence
Top performers in the workplace owe their success as much to emotional intelligence (EQ) as they do to intelligence (IQ) or job skills. The ability to manage feelings and communicate effectively contributes significantly to overall success. Training objectives include the following:

• Define emotional intelligence & its components
• Discuss the use of emotional intelligence in the workplace
• Present tools for utilizing emotional intelligence

Holiday Stress
For many, the holidays can create a season of increased stress. This presentation will provide tips for short- circuiting the stress response. Session objectives include the following:

• Describe the stress response and identify stressful situations specific to the holiday season
• Learn about managing time, family interactions, money
Discuss strategies for managing emotions and physical health during the holidays

Interpersonal Communication Styles
This seminar looks closely at the keys to effective communication and challenges participants to explore the most difficult kinds of situations in which communication can break down. Session objectives include the following:

• Increase understanding of effective communication
• Study the four styles of communication
• Practice, practice, practice
Respect in the Workplace
Due to the fast pace in many workplaces, respectful communication may be compromised. This presentation identifies the connection between respectful communication and team functioning. Session objectives include the following:

• Define and examine the connection between respect and communication
• Provide skills for improving respectful communication
• Discuss guidelines for addressing disrespectful behavior
Coping in Uncertain Times
During uncertain times, life can feel out of control and mental worry can overwhelm you. As worry increases, it becomes difficult to focus on daily tasks. The objectives for this session include the following:

• Present information on the negative effects of chronic worry and uncertainty
• Demonstrate how to identify and break the cycle of worry
Learn strategies and identify resources, to help manage uncertainty and then flourish in spite of it

You’re Never too Busy to Take Care of Yourself
Balancing your own needs with the rest of your life can be quite a challenge. However, practicing simple coping strategies can make all the difference. This training session will offer practical ideas for taking care of yourself. Session objectives include the following:

• Identify the importance of early intervention and practicing self-care
• Compare and contrast chronic stress, depression and “burnout”
• Review self-care coping strategies
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