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on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of SOA

What is SOA? SOA Technology in SOA SOA in IBM
Distributed computing

Loose Coupling

Object-oriented design Background & SOA

Technology in SOA

SOA in IBM Agenda SOA background Past Business environment Easy to change according to changes in the environment Present Difficult to follow the changes New paradigm SOA Service-Oriented Architecture is essentially a collection of services.

These services communicate with each other. SOA Architecture The art or science of building Architecture is used in various places
Ex) software, solution, system, Enterprise SOA Enterprise Architecture distributed computing SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) - loosely coupled SOA advantage Flexibility

Cost cutting

Easy to change

Effectiveness IBM’s Capability for SOA

SOA Offering in IBM Technology SOA Consultant, Architect & IT Specialist Partner More than 1,200 Partners in SOA Community Know-How More than 1,800 Customer Groups in the World. Infrastructure Investment on SOA ($1B/ year)
Leadership in Open Standards Patents more than 300 in SOA SOA Offering in IBM IBM’s Capability for SOA Step 1 Step 1 : IBM SOA Self - Assessment Tool
Preparation Stage : Offering the Self- Assessment Tool

Check the Customers’ Process, Architecture, Application, etc for SOA (C.F) IBM SOA Self - Assessment Tool Step 2 Suggest the Specific Solutions for the improved Business

Helping the customers to understand the Values (Flexibility and Effectiveness) and Effects of SOA technology on IT for 2-3 days Step 2 : SOA Jumpstart Step 3
Suggest the Architecture, Roadmap and Next step to meet the chosen Business Requisites Step 3: Client Architecture Readiness Evaluation (CARE) Step 4
Workshop for the improved Business Process Performance (2-4 weeks)

Analyzing the current Process, Problems and Modeling the New Process Step 3:Process Improvement Workshop (PIW) ROI for the Executives (Clients)
(1-2 weeks)

Focusing on KPI to evaluate the effects of proposed Solution Step 3 : Business Value Modeling (BVM)
Make a plan for SOA

(Conversion of Application System related with Core Business Process into SOA)
Step 4 :SOA Pilot Check the EA(Enterprise Architecture) and Find the Business Requisites(2-4 weeks) Q & A distributed computing A distributed system consists of multiple computers
that communicate through a computer network Object-Oriented Design interface - tightly coupled SOA makes
IT Infrastructure flexible
depending on swift changes in Business Environment Conclusion
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