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EBD: Classroom Behavior Management SPE 558

EBD: Classroom Behavior Management

Michelle Walker

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of EBD: Classroom Behavior Management SPE 558

Have Patience with Student's! Student
N.A. Student
D.W. Team efforts 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Questions Classroom Management “Classroom management refers to those
activities of classroom teachers that
reate a positive classroom climate
within which effective teaching
and learning can occur”
(Martin & Sugarman, p.9, 1993). Welcome Students and Parents Classroom Behavior Management
Grand Canyon University
SPE 558 - Module 8
Michelle Walker
March 4, 2013 Student
"Charlie Brown's Background Teaching
Strategies The Educator was Effective in these situations. Student
"Charlie Brown's
Behaviors This program should be run during the
entire school day. Say “I am setting your
timer, what do you want to work for?”
Have him select an icon of a preferred food or toy from the manila folder. Place the selected icon
on the from of the token board on the green side.
Put all the tokens on the green side. Set the timer
for 30 minutes. Review the rules “follow
directions the first time and you can earn
XXX”. If you have at least one token on green
you can have XXX. Portfolio:Teaching Toolbox Emotional Behavior Disorders
(EBD) Charlie Brown is 7 years, 8 months
old and has been diagnosed with EDB.
He resides with his maternal
grandmother, Ms. Barbara Brown.
He has a 4 year old sister and a 9
year old brother who resides with
Charlie’s mother. Prior to his enrollment
at John Burroughs, he attended another school in the Washington, DC area.
He is in a self contained EDB classroom
with 7 other students and 5 paraprofessionals. Charlie receives
2 hours of speech therapy weekly,
and 2 hours of occupational therapy
per week. The Wheels on the Bus, Go Round and Round… Means an established pattern of one or more of the following emotional or behavioral responses:
Withdrawal or anxiety, depression, problems with mood, or feelings of self-worth;
Disordered thought processes with unusual behavior patterns and atypical communication styles; or
Aggression, hyperactivity, or impulsivity ("3.4.4 emotional or," ). EBD - Defined “Charlie Brown’s” Data Sheet EBD Student Charlie Brown Conduct preference assessment and utilize an individualized motivation system. Implement demand fading and use non-contingent breaks. Antecedent Strategies Differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI)
Mand Training Replacement Behavior Strategies Block/redirect/ignore aggression, elopement, and inappropriate touching.
Inappropriate touching should also be addressed by implementing a 1 minute
timeout from reinforcement.
Educator and Paraprofessional should follow through with all instructions. Consequence Strategies Annual Goal: Charlie will exercise increased self-control while at school, as evidenced by increasing lengths of time on task, and remaining in the assigned area, with fading prompts.

Short-Term Objectives:
Given a small group activity in the classroom, Charlie will evidence increased self control and remain on task, using classroom modifications as indicated by his Sensory Integration OT and with modeling of appropriate behaviors/language ("Raise your hand," "Help me," etc).
With ten or less prompts in 30 minutes
With six or less prompts in 30 minutes
With two or less prompts in 30 minutes
Given an activity outside the classroom, Charlie will evidence self-control by remaining in his assigned area on school grounds. Goals Functional Behavior Assessment
Aggression: any attempts or success of hitting with an open or closed hand
Elopement: moving more than 5 feet away from an adult despite instructions not to.
Inappropriate Touching of others: any attempt or success of touching other people on the neck, back or face. Intervention It’s Just Behaviors
Behaviors are learned
Research continues to demonstrate the most effective strategies that are instructional bases.
Pause, Step back and Smile My Final Thoughts Student behavior. (n.d.). Retrieved February 10, 2013 from http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/Topic.aspx?sid=15
Martin, J. & Sugarman, J. (1993). Models of Classroom Management, Second Edition. Bellingham, Washington: Temeron Books Inc.
New York University. (2008, October). Nyusteinhardt. Retrieved February 10, 2013 from http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/scmsAdmin/uploads/005/121/Culturally Responsive Classroom Mgmt Strat2.pdf
3.4.4 emotional or behavioral disorders (ebd). (n.d.). Retrieved February 11, 2013 from http://www.asec.net/tses/Disability Criteria/ebd.htm References Let’s Have a
Great Year! "I want my way...
the work is not included"! Non-compliant
Destroys School Property
Fights and Touches Others Video 1 Live, Love & Laugh
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