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Explanation about your payslip.

No description

HOBIJ Pioneers at work

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Explanation about your payslip.

Explanation about your payslip.
The following payslip is not existing. It's an example.
Your details
This is the dutch word for 'payslip'
Your personal number in our system
Your Social Security number
Another number for our system
Number of the week
Period of the payslip
This is the minimum wage in Holland per week (40 hours) prescribed by law.
Date of birth
Date you started working with HOBIJ
Information for the taxoffice
Yes or no taxreduction (mostly yes, if you're not working somewhere else at the same time.
Are you married?
CAO = Collective Labour Agreement
You are working in Fase A, B or C
Number for taxes.
Number of payslip.
Date of sending the money to the bank.
Date of registration in the computer of HOBIJ.
Special announcement
First you can see the number of declaration, the date of the worked hours in that week, the name of the company you worked for and the jobdescription.
On the left the hours you have worked. This can be 'normal hours' (dayshift), or shifthours, or overtimehours. Your wage per hour is written there and the total of your hours multiplied by your wage per hour.
Wage for normal (dayshift) hours and maybe you have underneath this different hours, like shifthours or overtime.
This is the total of your wage for this week (gross amount)
Untaxed compensation for extra territorial costs (because you are a migrant worker)
These amounts all are drawn from your gross total wage. It's all tax and remittance.
This is your netto wage
Your final netto wage
This is all cumulatives (what you have built up from the beginning of the year)
Money for holiday
What you built up till last week (hours)
What you built up till last week (money)
Built up this week
Built up this week
Definite amount in hours (holiday)
Definite amount in Euro's (holidaymoney)
De heer xxxx
Heilig Hartplein 1
5462 EA Veghel

This is the Dutch word for 'payslip'
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