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Casasanot- Pittman Prezi

No description

Mia Casasanto

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Casasanot- Pittman Prezi

Pittman Prezi By: Mia Casasanto
May 23, 2013
2nd Period The Elements of raceism Another Element is... The people didn't want to kill or fight
anyone but the masters made them
work till the fell down on their knees.
Some wrokers found their religion
because they needed help and some
made fun of them for that. The masters
didnt like that they found their religion
because they lost workers. They ran off
but they were already free, so they could
run off if they wanted to. The last and finale element is that
the people didn't understand what
they were feeling when they found
their religion. Some of the people
they knew thoiught they were crazy
for running off and leaving. The
people made fun of some them
but were happy for others. The masters
were mad because they lost some of the
good hard workers. The Last Element is... The raceism against their own race has been about how someone should fight for their race but they can't decide who. They call each other "Niggers", but they make it seem mean and than it all turns into a giant fight on who should and shouldn"t fight for their race. Another reason or element is that if they can't find a person to fight for their freedom they will never get free. When they got free they still called each other names and didnt like each other most of the time. But someone had to fight for everyone and that would be the leader of the whole fight.
Another Element is...
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