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Romeo and Juliet Act 1-2

All scenes of act 1 and 2 of romeo and juliet the book with pictures.

Haylee de Rivas

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Act 1-2

Haylee de Rivas
English 1, Period 5
18 April 2013 Romeo and Juliet Acts 1 and 2 Montagues Capulets Paris - a young nobleman

Juliet - daughter to Capulet

Capulet - Juliet's father and head of the family

Lady Capulet - wife to lord Capulet

Nurse - servant & Nurse to Juliet

Tybalt - Act 1, Scene 1 - Hatreds are revamped between:
The servants of Capulets and Montagues
-Tybalt and Benvolio
- The Capulets and Montagues

-Romeo Montague is heart sick because he was rejected by Rosaline

-Tybalt and Benvolio got into a fight and Prince of Verona says that if that if they ever disturb the streets again they will pay with their lives. Act 1, Scene 2 -Paris a young count asked Lord Capulet if he could take Juliet's hand in marriage.

- Capulet asks Paris to wait until she a little older.

- Later he then asks Paris to a party at his home to kind of pull Juliet into liking him.

-Capulet asks his illiterate servants to deliver the invitations to the party. Act 1, Scene 3 - Lady Capulet suggests to Juliet that she "check out" Paris as a potential husband

- Juliet agrees to try, but tells her mother that she has not been thinking about marriage.

- We then meet Juliet's nanny, The Nurse, who is very protective of Juliet.

-We then also find out that Juliet's birthday is coming up- Lammas Eve. Act 1, Scene 4 - Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio are all about to crash the Capulet party

- Romeo says that he will not have any fun because he is depressed about Rosaline's rejection

- Romeo then begins to tell them about a dream he had and Mercutio mocks him.

- Romeo continues and tell them about his dream which makes him not want to go to the party even more.

- He believes that that dream foreshadowed his death. So if he goes to the party he thinks it will bring him to his death. Act 1, Scene 5 -Lord Capulet begins the party and asks everyone to dance.

-Romeo sees Juliet and immediately falls in love and forgets everything about Rosaline.

- Tybalt then hears Romeo and prepares to kill him.

- Lord Capulet orders Tybalt to forget that Romeo is there and enjoy the night.

- Tybalt obeys but says he will seek revenge another time. Act 1, Scene 2 continued... - The servant stumbles upon Romeo and asks them for help reading the invitations.

- Romeo then sees Rosaline's name on it and immediately decides to attend.

- Benvolio promises that he will attend the party with Romeo to help compare Rosaline to other women.

- Romeo Says that he will attend but will have no fun.
Problem: The Capulets and Montagues are foes Romeo - son to Montague

Benvolio - Nephew to Montague & friend to Romeo

Balthasar - Servants & friend to Romeo

Mercutio - Friend to Romeo

Lady Montague - wife to lord Montague

Montague - Romeo's father and head of the family

Friar Lawrence - a local priest, friend of Romeo's Prologue Setting: Verona, Italy

Conflict: Montague's vs. Capulet's

-Hate Act 1, Scene 5 continued... - Romeo and Juliet are immediatly attracted - Love at first sight

- But when they kiss they do not know each others identity

- Later the Nurse broke the news to both of them saying that Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet.
Act 2, Scene 1 - Romeo's friends Mercutio and Benvolio go looking for romeo

- They think that Romeo is still in love with Rosaline

- Mercutio then calls out to Romeo teasing him about his love for Rosaline

- After joking around they gave up and went home. Act 2, Scene 2 -Romeo climbs over the garden wall of the Capulets house and hides in the garden below Juliets window.

- He over heard Juliet talking to herself about Romeo. Saying that she will disown her family to be with Romeo. That she hates the name Montague not the person Romeo.
Act 2, Scene 2 continued... - After hearing romeo speak Juliet believes that Romeo loves her and wonders if their love came too quickly.

- Juliet does not want Romeo to promise his love to her but to prove it through his actions.

- Romeo then Proposes and Juliet accepts.

- Juliet says that if Romeo is serious about marriage, he must go arrange the wedding.

- So Romeo goes to the priest and tell Juliet that he will have everything arranged by 9:00am Act 2, Scene 3 - Friar Lawrence is alone in his garden and says nothing is good or evil it is how it is used and it's involvement in the tragedy to come.

- This shows his knowledge of herbs and drugs.

- Romeo arrives and explains that he no longer likes Rosaline and is now in love with Juliet and asks Friar Lawrence to marry them.

- Friar Lawrence tells him that he is not sure it is a good idea but only agrees to marry them to stop the feud between the families. Act 2, Scene 4 - Mercutio and Benvolio discuss the fact that Tybalt sent out a challenge to Romeo wanting a duel while walking around Times Square.

- After arranging the marriage Romeo was in a better mood and meets them.

- The Nurse then comes to get Romeo at noon and not 9:00am
Act 2, Scene 5 - Juliet is nervous as she waits for the Nurse to get back with a message from Romeo at their meeting.

- The Nurse teases Juliet by not giving the message immediately.

- Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence to get married. Act 2, Scene 6 - Before Juliet arrive Friar Lawrence and Romeo talk as Friar prays that God will bless the wedding regardless.

- He also warns that things may be going to quickly and explosively.

-But when Juliet arrives he uses a lot of poetic words to describe his love for her.

- !!!Romeo and Juliet get married!!! nephew to the Capulet's Act 2 scene 2 continued... - Romeo answers, scaring Juliet and he then says that Juliets family cannot stop their love.

- Juliet says that she is afraid that her family will kill Romeo if they find him.

- Romeo says that he would rather die than live without Juliet. Act 2 scene 4 continued... - Romeo tells the Nurse about the plans and juliet goes to the confession at Friar Lawrence's room where they will be married.

- Romeo's servant gave a rope ladder to the nurse in which Romeo will use it to climb into Juliet's room on their wedding night.

- The Nurse tells Juliet that she thinks that Paris will be a better husband but Juliet doesn't agree. Act 1, scene 5 continued... Foreshadow the death of Mercutio at the hands of Tybalt
Introduce the conflict that sets the plot in motion

Ironically Romeo and Juliet's families are in a feud but their children are madly in love
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