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Cause i Rep Mb Shawty ( :

Mindless Behavior ( :

Tatyana Taylor

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Cause i Rep Mb Shawty ( :

It is Apirl 30th 2012 4:14pm
i LOVE his haircut ! <3
Spread The Peace ;1
The little kid with the diaper !
MB's Gay ?
Hahahaha xD
I'll write a song & sing it to her
His smile ( :
Let me get that info show you what i mean
Hello Video ( :
6 PACK !!
Thats why i behave mindless all the time
Princeton & His Grinding....
I want this magazine !
Lol Princeton's head O_o?!
I LOVE YOU ^.^ <3
MB YALL ! (;
Just 2 meet her where where is MRS . RIGHT ?
Travel all across the world
Lets hook it up
cause i walk with a bop & i got that swagg to macth my jay's!
i got them girls talkn bout ! ( :
The 2 silly ones !
I Got that poster in my room, a actual BIG poster ! ( :
pony tail days !
all that hair
He wanted a new look for his 15th birthday JULY 23rd( :
Baby pictures & stuff ^.^
Princeton & His Mommy
All his hair !!
MB's 1st song came out in 2010 thats were there career really began. I was sittin on the couch wacthin 106 & park then i saw four boys i knew would change my world there song was called MY GIRL. There was Prodigy Roc Rayray & Princeton ! Princeton was the one with the afro & Rayray was the one with the bairds & Prodigy was the one with the mohawk fade DONT forget Roc royal as well , he was the ponytail. B4 they could blink there career rose to the top & has been that way nonestop.
There 2nd hit single was called Mrs. Right and they even took a flight 2 Grand Praire , New York and down the way they even took a trip to the UK.They've been on award shows & nomiess for BET & there soon going to premire a movie. They have a album called #1 girl i'll never forget the day MB walked into my world. Since i've been a fan since day one it amazes me to see what MB has become i've been with them thru ups & downs , Smiles & frowns its my word i'll never let MB down
No music artist has EVERRR ment this much to me in my heart MB will ALWAYS be! TeamMindless to the end i'll always be there #1 fan!
Tatyana L Taylor <3 ( :
there growing up
ONE DIRECTION ?! Hold Up Woah Dare O_o ?
There Sleep ( :
There dreaming about me <3
Rayray & His Brother
Prodigy & Jojo ( :
Princeton drew this!
his tounge!
Spread The Peace ;1
50th Side ! ( :
Get to meet Mindless Behavior !!
How i felt when i didnt
im not the only one that saw that
we just 2 lovebirds that's why we always tweetin
you just adding to the rest of the haters they have
You hatin on MB ?
Im NOT Obessed....
im just dedicated ! ( :
a fact ( :
Roc royal likes animals ( :
59 facts about Mindless Behavior ( :
11.Rayray didn't always have a father figure
12.Walter W Milsap is like a dad to Rayray
13. Rayray has grandpa's name Rico & Lester
14.Staci does Rayray's braids
15.Prod's mama is Wanda Carlene Armour
16.Kenyatta does Mb hair too.
17.Roc's bestfriend name is Khalia Canty
18.Chreographs are Dave Scott & Kristi
19.Gary Jordan let Rayray audtion
20.Candice helps Mb with lyrics
. Mb wants to be the 1st african american group to stay together.
2.Roc has a cousin name Sherkia
3.Roc's mommy name is Tiffany
4.Roc has a sister name Chioko
5.Kelvan helps Mb stay in shape
6.Kiesha Gamble does Roc's hair
7. Mrs. Carla feeds & keep MB safe
8.Kimo & Shanell took there 1st pics
9.Rayray's mommy name is Kiesha Gibson
10.Bobby & Lakesha Younger is related to Rayray
21.Princeton met Lady Gaga
22.Most of there songs are from experience
23.Garnett got Mb's song on the radio
24.1st movie comes out March . 12. 2013
25.Sercurity name is Mr.Carter
26. They didnt have sercurity in 2010
27.Mb opened up for Jb at Popcon
28.Prodigy was found on YouTube
29. Roc began rapping at 8
30. Rayray krumped with Tommy the clown in a dance crew
31. Princeton was in commercials & played cupid in a video
32.Princeton fav color is GREEN
33. Prod's fav color is RED
34. Rayray's fav color is purple
35. Roc fav color is black
36.Kiesha Gamble & Walter Milsap is Mb manger
37.Hit singles My girl & Mrs. Right
38.Roc bday is July 23rd
39. Prod's bday is Dec 26
40.Rayray's bday is Jan 6th
41. Princeton's bday is April 21st
42.Roc royal is 14 (youngest)
43.Prodigy is currently 16. (Turns 17 Dec, 26th)
44.Princeton is 17
45. Rayray is 17 (oldest)
46.1st song was my girl it can out in 2010
47.Mb was formed by conjunction Inc.
48.Roc's 1st kiss was from a fan
49.Princeton was bullied & he wishes 4 world peace
50.Mb hates when fans play hard to get
51.Mb auditioned over 600 kids
52.Mb would date a fan
54.Hello video was there 1st time acting
55.Princeton has 14 cousins
56.Prodigy is the lead singer
57.Prod once cried because he was overwhelmed at his success & the fans and stuff ( :
58.Prod sleeps with a night light
59. Roc has played piano
Im Mindless so you mad ?
Me: Oh you like Mindless Behavior?
You: Yes
Me: Which one do you like?
You: Prodigy wait idk if that's his name? *looks at binder* Oh. No his name is Roc Royal
Me: How can you get Prodigy & Roc royal mixed up ? O_o
#YouKnowYouAnitMindless When....
*when you hanging around me*
You : Oh i love Mindless behavior there so cute
*when you leave*
You : Oh i hate Mindless Behavior they gay !
*new band comes*
You : Oh Mb starting to get lame i like this band now !
#YouKnowYouAnitMindless When
You've just Been Mindless Educated! ( :
You a trader & you fake! You know you liked MB but when a new band comes you just leave and act like you dont care about them ? If you TeamMindless then act like it !
For One :
We might fuss & fight but who doesnt? At the end of the day were still a team & we love each other! TeamMindless to the end we will always be the best fans! And yall keep hating on Mindless Behavior ! Mb got the best fans out there why you ask ? CAUSE WE REP MB SHAWTY ! ( :
TeamMindless ( :
why is EVERYONE saying Mindless Behavior is starting to get old ? Like they forgot about them , there nothing now ? I just dont get it , i still think of them completely the same ! Yall should be proud they came this far but yall leaving ? And yall call your self Mindless ?!
The Big Question ....
Honestly i dont care as long as there happy. I understand that there boys and they have there certain needs. I cant complain if they wanna date BUT when they try to hide & sneak now that's what makes me mad! All there privacy is GONE everything MB do somebody got something to say wether its good or bad !? So . . . .
How i feel If MB got girlfriends
Yall be starting too much drama & when Mindless Behavior keep there distance away from us yall wanna be mad ? & Ima Be Like.....
*Some of TM start TOO Much Drama*
Prodigy : Chicken fingers & french fries
Princeton : chilli cheese fries
Roc Royal : soul food
Rayray : taco's
Mb's Fav Foods ( :
some fans attacked him & one jumped on him & leaned in & kissed him (on the lips)
Roc royal's 1st kiss....
Mb's making a Movie !!!
you deserve another
Princeton makes me smile ( :
85th slide!
prodigy eats the most
Thats near me !!!!!!!!!!!
Mindless behavior done said where- where is Mrs. Right i gotta see her travel all across the world just to meet her & were looking for our #1 girl QUESS WHAT? they dont have to look anymore because there having a #1 girl tour! Sum fans will get all dolled up just for them & I KNOW at every concert they gone say WERE LOOKIN 4 OUR #1 GIRL & they probably see girls they like but do you know how much drama that will cause ? u feel sad for MB because if they dont find a #1 girl fans gone be mad (cause it's suppose to be them) & if they do they'll cause a war so either way people gone be mad
Everything MB does causes Prob
Your not mindless just because you have a ZILLION posters in your room or you've been to every concert. Just cause you have a #1 girl album or met them. Your mindless if your CONFIDENT ,Id you make good grades & if you have your OWN style and arent afraid to show it. Your Mindless if your not afraid to be YOURSELF(:
DEF Of Mindless :
in TM & Just wacth for it to blow up & cause a BIG mess ! And sit ther like . . . .
Some people start uneeded drama
Mindless Behavior might do a calibration with OMG GIRLZ
And you call them GAY ?!
Mb's influences
Ends August 18 th
Tour Starts July 5th
Princeton's birthday
Roc royal & Rayray like Drake
Seeing MB Grow up (':
cake says Jacob ( :
at 1st i though Princeton hit puberty first cause in these pics when MB was young he looked like the big brother of the bunch , he was taller too!
106 & Park
he use to be in music videos , he played cupid
Valentines Girl
Roc royal & his family ( :
Im Like .....
Mindless Behavior oldest fan is 80
Princeton & Rayray LOVE Nicki Minaj
Princeton likes Rocsi too , he kissed her on the cheek
R.I.P Hendrix
Even tho there's a pic of 1 direction kissing i have to say....
Keep it Mindless ( :
Rayray's eyes are kind of like mines( :
His hair looks different from side
His afro
I wanna touch Princeton's hair & Rayray's(:
Roc royal & Family or Friends
He looks so .....
He looks a lil high but i LOVE this pic(;
Getting his hair washed *stink face*
His hair!
Diggy was in Mrs.Right
Prodigy Knew Him B4 Mb started
Jacob Latimore
Rayray drew the stuff thats in the #1 girl album
Little Roc royal & Rayray ( :
Winter time better button up !
Kylie Jenner Likes MB
Justin Timberlake
Four Hearts beating as one <3
MB & Nicki
i'll add more and more ( :
Here's the latest stuff !
Sep .15.12
So i stayed after school today which is Sep 27th to add more!
When ever Mb gets there #1 girl i wanna meet her!
I dont wanna go on her Oovoo , twitter or instgram to go off on her , NOOO! I wanna get to know her. Cause outta all the people in the world they chose her! There HAS to be something about her that had to just blow them away & i wanna know why they choose her. I just wanna see MB happy & if your the girl that makes them happy then that's how it'll be (:
Everytime there is drama , 99.9% of the fans say all i wanna know is the truth! They dont care about NOTHING else but the truth. Okay i understand that but when the truth comes out can you handle it? Yall probably never thought about that! Yall so quick to say why Mb have to lie , why cant they be honest with us? Weeell what ever the truth may be CAN YOU HANDLE IT?
Princeton took advantage with being in MB , he started a movement with the #SPREAD THE PEACE ! Alot of fans picked up on that. And when yall found out about the PUNK ROCK music & the MISFIT people wanna act like they a true misfit or punkrock this , Yall are free to like what ever yall want but lets be real alot of fans started listening to punk & stuff just because Princeton did it,You dont have to fake like you like something just MB likes it! Only do/like something if you TRULEY like it.
Dont Follow ... Lead ( :
Its crazy SO MANY people said they'll stay in TM til the end but when MB made a mistake or did something you didnt like people left TM ! Uhh , MB are humans to they make mistakes.. People always thinkin they a real MB fan , if you start romurs , lie on MB , keep the drama going or anything like that Well basically if you turn your back on TM your not a real fan and once you do some like that its done. Cause you only Mindless Once (
True MB Fan ..
Okay TeamMindless may be alot to handle at times! Wether there is drama or you cant handle MB's sexiness and all then... PASS A BIBLE! People in TM truely NEED JESUS! (:
TeamMindless Passing Bibles :
I spy no mohawk on Prodigy's head
If you start unnecessary drama , if you keep the drama going. If you act like you anit got no hometraining.... If MB just gets to be too much and you have a "I NEED JESUS MOMENT" If you tend to act a little "mindless" at times.
Signs you need the bible! (or you need to pass one)
Needing the holy spirit and everything ( :
All the drama people start... People always wish the wrost for you & dont wanna see you smile..People do stuff not even thinking of how much stuff that'll cause and its all UNNESSARY!!!!!
Even if you didnt do anything wrong people will STILL try to ruin your life.. Some people are just heartless.. I can fuss and what not but some people wont change ... i'll pray for you tho! (:
Its Sad :/
Im happy i got to live in this life time. Everything that has came out , Everything i've seen and experienced. If i was born in 1400's or in 2069 i wouldnt have even known a MINDLESS BEHAVIOR! There just so amazing <3 i love them SO Much
This girl said why should i care about MB or defend them cause they can CARELESS about me! Weeeell honestly she wasted her time typing that cause i can CARELESS about what she has to say , MB loves us *they might have wired ways of showing it at times* But MB cares about the fans! As one person we are a fan but together as a team were Team Mindless. All of us buying the tickets getting MB sold out shows and y'all act like were are unneeded and uncared about . MB won an award because of us so we sure as heck did some! They work hard and we support them
Yall know Hunni right? LMAOcrazyhunnibunn she makes videos on youtube for TM. I wacthed a couple of her videos and i dont care about her age but some people use that against her. Yall cant lie and say she didnt put jesus into some of TM's life. It might not be yours tho. ANYWAY i use to like Hunni until she posted some of twitter then i lost some respect for her! Like : "Me rachet? Im at the concerts and i know them personally while yall sitting at home" She sounding all cocky then she gone say she a Directoner and she not in TM no more WEEEELLLL you all making it seem like you a real fan and its TM to the end and you gone do that? Okaaaaay i see how it is!
Tell Me Why.....
Sooooo Here's some well the best advice you'll ever get when it comes to meet MB! They dont want you to be like AUDHFUHFDJFFDF PRINCETOOOONN SJIDGYBFF RAYRAAAAYY UDHEIFUIFE PRODDD AHUSS ROCCCC *dies* Im not gone act ratchet but its hard
to stay clam when you meet them. They want us to act like there normal. They want us to know we can be just like them. SO when your around them dont act all starstruck act like the normal cause then they'll know your clam and you could spend more time with them! I know it seems hard but if you act out of control Sercurity will throw you out , now do you want that to happen? And you'll make a BAD 1st impression!!
When you meet MB....
Some things are COMMON SENSE! MB doesnt always have to say something they can give us clues Like on a interview if they get asked if there single and they try to laugh it off or just look around and they didnt actually answer YES then there not so technically they might not be lieing yall just anit payin attetion! Prod answered for all 4 on them , they HAD to say yes cause if they dont they'll ask WHO IS MRS.RIGHT
God gave u a brain , USE IT!
For everybody who dissed MB , you gone be ALL UP ON THEM when that ablum comes out!
i HATE how people in TM be getting FAVORED! Yall shouldnt treat anybody like there less important. Girls be like OMG im so ugly when they know there pretty , just to get some attention. Once they treat others like there just the stuff then the rest of TM feels like there NOBODY'S! TM is TM wether there fat , skinny , tall , short , purple , yellow , 5 eyes , 7 legs , bald , mexican , alien IT DONT MATTER!!
This boy ....
At my school got lips JUST like Roc *.* Omg ,YASSSS! Lol thats all gots to say! ( :
If you see Walter ask him can you go meet MB! this girl had her mom go ask and Walter said i'll see , follow me! And then he opened the door to MB's dressing room , AUGWIOFUHFGUHG I woulda DIED! Im not saying he will ALWAYS say yes BUT she asked and she got too! You might not get to talk for hours either! Talk and getta few pics , but do it after.. if they look all worn out then dont ask
Alright , Alright , Alright
PRODIGY : he's RARLEY in drama and when he is people only go crazy cuz its like OMG WHAT HE DO? That anit really his thing , he's chill
Princeton : Now a days its WHAT DID PRINCETON DO NOW? All on my TL so i wish Princeton would learn from his mistakes , he always gettin himself into sum trouble!
Rayray : That whole Star thang is old now , people believe what they want , they just be sayin he be trynna act like his relationship is PERFECT! he is so blunt tho & he doesnt expressions his feelings. Like if he's sad or hurt and the fans say he trys to hide it all in from us
Roc : This Ki'loni & Justice. and Roc on oovoo and his sideline 304's and what not is the only thing , He be in the middle sometimes! He's not and sometimes he is!
Princeton use to be EVERYONE'S favorite , the most loved! See how the tables turned?
I wonder when that movie comin out?
I wonder when will i get 2 meet MB
I think MB judges the fans. Its like all they need is ONE PERSON to do something wrong and MB thinks all fans are the same. We can barrelly even touch MB at M&G's because a fan attacked them. BUT did i attack you? Did a do anything wrong? NO! And since one person wanna act ratchet it ruins it for everyone! Mb didn't think about ALL the fans. they knew that the person that attacked them wont be able to get near them again and in case someone else trys , it wont happen again.. But what about the fans with common sense? The fans that wont attack you... Did you think about them? Yall not only took away privileges for the people that deserved it yall also took it away for people who didnt deserve that , Now i'll probably never get a chance to say HEEEY MB or getta hug .... That is the thing that hurts me the must ;/ This is MAIN thing that upsets me all that otha stuff IDC about !
When MB does things , you have to look a from MB's prospective TOO!! Think of reasons why they did it .. You have your reasons , so does MB! Think about it from both side of it... You need 2 sides of a story NOT one!
i've been working on this for over 5 months . Since April! Nobody asked me to make this , it was just a random idea that came into my head .. 124 slides along! Idk when ima stop tho? 1,144 slides later Lol it seems as if i have no life , I LOVE THIS PREZI ( ; best idea EVERRRR !!
Start date :
Heeeey! This prezi is filled with all kinds of facts , pictures , info , videos PLUS more and its about .... 4 boys that go by the names .. Prodigy , Roc Royal , Princeton & Ray ray.... better known as MINDLESS BEHAVIOR! So sit back and enjoy . i have OVER 100 slides!!!! ( :
Idk if i mentioned this before but i just wish Princeton would LEARN from his mistakes!! There humans , i get that BUT it'll do him so much better if he did .. I just feel like there's gonna be that one mistake that he makes & its just gonna ruin him , it'll be the worst mistake he has ever made .. I wish the best of luck for him .. He gotta get it togther thought cause the person he's hurting the most is .. himself ..
MB's second album is coming out next year and i'm SO excited !! asqwertuodfhsduiha *spazzez* I'm so happy for MB and how far they've came .. Its been well worth the wait!! People have left TM and stop supporting MB .. What a reason to stay? You've had more good times with MB then bad .. & Its hard to forget someone that gave you so much to remember .. I gave you 2 GOOD reasons .. i have more ...
Some of us feel in love with "young MB" They were super young with there baby faces and all .. Dating , girlsfriends and all that wasnt in the picture but as MB got older that caused ALOT of problems and a BIG reason why people left .. Young MB it was my girl days ... Everything seemed all fine .. Couple years later .. It seemed as MB changed when really the GREW UP! Mb cant stay young forever and some people cant face the face .. MB IS GROWING ... Things are gonna happen .. MB might upset you ... Thats just part of sticking with MB thru the good times AND the BAD
Wanna hear the craziest thing EVER? I told my library teacher about this prezi and she says WHO IS MINDLESS BEHAVIOR? Well first she said "my list behavior" ... Alot of people don't know who MB is.. She was like are they popular cause i've heard of One Direction .. MB has been NEAR/In my city.. They've been on tv .. Co-hosting shows.. They've been on the radio .. There album and magazines have been in stores.. They've won awards etc... andd YOU STILL DONT KNOW A MINDLESS BEHAVIOR? *shakes head* I wanted MB to be known WORLDWIDE! Even the birds talking about MB .. Fishes in the sea know who MB is!! Its crazy cause i know ALLLLLOOOOOOOOT and you dont even know they existed? ...... *walks away slowly*
Hey Y'all Uh Thanks for being my fans Uhhh i'm not famous yet but i'm hoping , i'm trying . Thank you!
Mindless Behavior Offical Movie Trailer
This ALWAYS gets to me ;')
Alot of people doubted MB .. Fans gave up on supporting them . People thought MB had left us hangin'. Well MB never left , they've been working REALLY hard! There's a movie coming out , 2nd albuAlot of people doubted MB .. Fans gave up on supporting them . People thought MB had left us hangin'. Well MB never left , they've been working REALLY hard! There's a movie coming out , 2nd album , there touring again , a documentary and thats just the start! MB has so much in store for TeamMindless! Believe when I say #MBTAKEOVER2013 , you guys just dont understand! There's no stoping MB ♥ain , a documentary and thats just the start! MB has so much in store for TeamMindless! Believe when I say #MBTAKEOVER2013 , you guys just dont understand! There's no stopping MB
Follow us on twitter @THEPRINCETONFP
You have no idea how ready i'am for 2013!!!!!!!! SO MANY PEOPLE doubted MB i knew MB werent finsihed , they were just getting started! Words cant even explain how i feel! asqwhufhvucvhshduguf I love MB so much <3 People can name a 100 reasons to leave TeamMindless but i can name a million reasons to stay!!
My cousin Destiny always telling me that she doesnt like MB anymore. She's like they never do anything new , there boring , there getting old... I told MB has an album and movie on the way & there touring again PLUS MORE and she still say MB is boring. They have new stuff on the way . MB csnt go to the studio today and there album will be out tomorrow , IT TAKES TIME! Be patient.. Then she says i'm still going to see there movie , dont get me wrong then SHUT UP! They must not be getting that old for you to go to there movie? You cant hop in and out of TM Stay here through it all or dont stay at al!
I go on to say...
If you complain that MB is rude to there fans , they never put out music , they never do anything with the fans ect ... WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Why would you wanna be in a fanbase where your not happy in? You can complain alot then LEAVE .. If you anit left then it must not be that much of a problem . I didnt wanna post this at first cause i think that MB would loose fans but i'm just being honest . Fake fans leave and the real ones stay . And YES you are a fake fan cause if you complain and talk bad about MB . Complaining how bad they suck ... There's your proof right there!
I dont think MB is perfect .. Nobody's perfect! I dont think everything MB does everything right . They can be wrong just like anybody else . Y'all know i really love MB right? But i dont worship the grounds they walk on . I dont act like there God . There HUMANS . To you they might be 4 people nothing more , nothing less. You might not even care about them. For others MB might revovle around there world , they eat , sleep and breathe MINDLESS BEHAVOIR . MB shoudnt be more important than GOD , yourself , family , school etc .. Basically dont act/say MB is perfect or flawless cause there not . They make mistakes . They have things they dont like about themself .
Roc's acne
People made fun of Roc's acne so i'ma sum it up and say this.. Roc is a TEEN a T-E-E-N . Teens go through this thing called PUBERTY! Y'all needa leave him alone cause y'all anit gone get sexiest person alive no time soon. It wasnt even that bad though . Even if it was you have no right to open your mouth and speak rudely about him. Was your opinion asked? I think not (;
The whole MB lied about there age thing ...
So ... On MB's holiday ustream Princeton said himself & Ray are sixteen , some people took it as a joke . Some people knew it all along . Some people dont care , some people were hurt . Mostly people wanna know why they lied. Managed has MB lie or MB chooses to lie i just dont get why they lied in the 1st place. They pretty muched lied to tell the truth. They lied for a while but then told the truth, WHY LIE IN THE 1ST PLACE? They could've avioded alota mess. Why lie? What else are you lying about? What else will you lie about? Why'd you wait so long to tell us? Were you planning to tell us (are questions they got)
ALL AROUND THE WORLD TOUR starts July 3rd and Ends August 17th! OMG GIRLZ & Coca Jones will be touring with them!
He won the dog
Working out pays off!
Roc's rap
Roc (:
There IS a difference!
Princeton's real name is Jacob Perez!
Chresanto August
Rayan Lopez
Jacob Perez
Craig Crippen
Today is Feb.21.2013
Ray twice if ya nappy headed
Today is May. 17.2013
143 slides along and i'm ending the Prezi TODAY! I kinda stopped working on it and isnt how i planned it to be but overall its a great prezi! I'm so proud of MB & I'm currently hoping that i get to go to the concert August.17.2013 and maybe even meet them but See ya on the flip side.... Peace! STAY MINDLESS MY FRIENDS... STAY MINDLESS (: PS : All of you guys are Beautiful :) PSS : When your kids ask you (in the future) About your favorite boyband ...... All the memories that'll come to mind!!! <-------------- All the other fanbases are cool and all but there anit' no fanbase like TEAM MINDLESS! Ya no - oh i always keep it fly why? (why) CAUSE I REP MB SHAWTY!!!! My 18 letter word! M- I-N-D-L-E-S-S B-E-H-A-V-I-O-R <3
FANGIRLING : -------------->ahdjsklu hudfugfyigsdvuedvv
um, yes.

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