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Financial Literacy

Online Class Final Project

Peter Caroline

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Financial Literacy

Vacation The first step in achieving my goals is having a high quality education. I plan on graduating from Franklin County Early College High School, three years from now. By then, I'll have an Associate's Degree. Then I will go to Columbia University and receive schooling in medicine. I will complete 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency, and 2-3 years of internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital. By then, I will have all the education needed to begin my career. Education The job I've chosen is that of a cardiac surgeon. They perform numerous operations on the heart and other parts of the circulatory system. I previously mentioned the education needed to become a cardiac surgeon. They make a starting salary of $205,000! Even after they start working, they get bonuses and raises whenever they successfully complete operations, or prove themselves an asset to the workplace. Career Car I plan on being the proud owner of a Nissan 350z; I know I'll be able to afford it because I have such a high paying job. The car itself costs $5,995 at $500 a month. However, that will increase my insurance costs. Insurance will cost $150 a month and maintenance is $110 every quarter. House I plan on living in a two-level house with three bedrooms and two baths. The mortgage will probably be around $722,000 at 2,000 a month. My electric bill will be $150 a month and my water bill will be $30 a month. My vacation plans are not as lavish as one would think. I plan to stay at Florida beach for a few days. I have calculated the costs for a round-trip from Louisburg to Miami. A plane ticket of $100, a bus ticket of $60, and gasoline costing $1,000. The Map of How I plan to make My Dream Life Happen There are many factors that will help me reach all my goals and achieve my "Dream Life." These factors include: Career Education Car
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