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African American Women

By Maddie and Audra

Audra Moore

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of African American Women

African American Women Ella Baker Vivian Malone Jones December 13th, 1903, a leader was born Septima Poinsette Clark 1898 "Queen mother" was born Born in 1942 "People can not be free until there is enough work in this land to give everybody a job" SNCC National Association for the Advancement of colored people SNCC Fannie Lou Hammer October 6, 1917 Nonviolent Coordinating Commitee Student National Coordinating Committee "Violence is never the answer" "People can not be free until there is enough work in this land to give everybody a job" Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Fought racial segregation and injustice Coretta Scott King Myrlie Evers Wiliams Betty Shabaz Bertha Gilbert Little Rock Nine 6 of them were girls Civil rights divison of U.S justice department April 27, 1927 Civil Rights Activist Founded "Center for Nonviolent Social Change" Civil Rights divison of U.S justice department Center for Nonviolent Social Change 1957 Works to uphold all civil and constitutional rights of Americans 1968 May 28, 1934 An archive of Martin Luther King Jr. 1933 NAACP "Betty and Coretta" Betty and Coretta NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Husbands assassinated Ensures equal rights of all people By Audra and Maddie Civil Rights Movement 1942 Central High School Segregated Lunch 1957 "Stand up for what you in believe in" The Girls! Tried to get a good education 6 Elizabeth Eckford Carlotta Lainer Minnijean Trickey Gloria Karlmark Thelma Watershed-Wair Melba Beals 6 6 6 6 6 1898-1957 Connection These events connect to today because........................ They changed history like African American women are doing today, such as Michelle Obama. Segregated Lunch Counter /Whites Blacks Seperated Not Served Sit-ins
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