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Copy of The Legischool Real World Civics Summer Internship

No description

Terra Thorne

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Legischool Real World Civics Summer Internship

The Legischool Real World Civics Summer Internship, 2014
Johan's Leg. Placement
The Judicial Branch:
Where Democracy Truly Flourishes
What is your most cherished memory from your experience in the Judicial Branch?
Mock Trial
Thaddeus Turner
Johan Cardenas

Marilu Bravo
Jack Roselli

Tara Benson-Jones
Alina Sanchez
Madison Vanderklay

Jack's Time in the Senate
Life at the CDFA
Marilu Bravo
The memories we shared
Looking Back...
ft. the FPPC & a CELEBRITY
In the downtown office of the Fair Political Practices Commission, I participated in enforcement projects to identify violations of the Political Reform Act.
I met with several highly esteemed professionals (including the Commission Chair Jodi Remke and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones!) to ask them about their career.

(plus I got to go out for lunch with my mentor every day, so that was pretty cool)
During my legislative placement in Assemblymember Holden's office, I even challenged the world renowned Oscar de la Hoya to a boxing match
(and yes, of course I won)
Madison Vanderklay's Intern Experience at the California Department of Food and Agriculture
During my placement, my mentor and I drove down to Pittsburg, California, to look at school gardens.
We also got to tour the CDFA's chem lab! Lots of expensive equipment there.
I wrote bill analysis and drafted responses to support and opposition letters.
Visiting the archives
The beautiful Governor's mansion
Touring the Governor's office
CHP Academy
Chem Lab
An elementary school
garden in Pittsburg
This was an amazing experience I never could have had anywhere else. I have learned so much about the inner workings of our state government
. -
I knew I would be learning about the different branches of government, but I had no idea how much fun it was going to be. There were so many great things we got to do, and so many great people to experience it with. -Alina
Thaddeus: It definitely had to be the mock trial. It was really interesting to see everyone put on different personas and battle, whether it was to have the defendant convicted or acquitted of the alleged crimes.
Madison: My favorite memory from court camp was preparing with everybody for the mock trial.
Tara: My favorite part of court camp was getting a tour of the jail and observing the booking process
The Witnesses
The Examinations
The fun!!
The Defense
The Testimonies
I got to meet many important people at committees and meetings
I was able to work in Assemblymember Jose Medina's office.
I analyzed and summarized many bills, giving me a good understanding of the mechanics of bills.
It was wonderful!
I didn't know what to expect at the start of this internship, but I'm really glad I applied. You can only learn so much about government from school and the news, so having the opportunity to experience it firsthand was awesome. -Marilu

FPPC Hearing Room
It is the duty of a Senator to guard the liberty of the Commonwealth
During my time in Senator
Correa's office I learned about
the goings on of State
I found that every member
earnestly wanted to work
cooperatively in order to pass
good legislation
I attended committee hearings
and constituent meetings. I also
got to assist in briefing Senator
Correa for his committee
It was a very fast paced two weeks.
I found that I was running around
the building with my fellow more
often than I was walking
This was a great experience
and I am very glad that I got to
be a part of this program
The LegiSchool Project is a civic education collaboration between California State University, Sacramento, and the California State Legislature, administered by the Center for California Studies. The Project's mission is to engage young people in matters of public policy and state government by creating opportunities for students and state leaders to meet and share ideas on the problems affecting Californians.
The LegiSchool Project
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