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The Center of my Universe

No description

ainsley ennis

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of The Center of my Universe

The Center of my Universe
I Was Born In Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie Ontario on December 31st 2000 at 8:00 pm
My parents names are Lisa Ennis and Clayton Ennis. My dad born in Sudbury and my mom was born in Scarborough. My dads side, I have a aunt kim, which i call kiki, I have a nona and a papa and also a uncle Peter and a 7yr old cousin named Evan. On my moms side i have a grandma Joan that i call g-ma, a uncle Micheal that i call muke and a aunt sue
I have an annoying 20yr old bother named colton, we get along as much as any other brother, sister siblings would. He moved out last year and i see him twice a month. He moved in with my aunt because the college he wants is near her, he is going in for mechanics to obviously become a mechanic
Spare Time
In my spare time, when my brothers up we go outside and pass around a football or baseball. I go on youtube and watch youtubers, go on vine or listen to music, or i call my friends and just hang out
I hate tomatoes, but like ketchup, i love non-pulp orange juice but hate oranges. i like summer over winter, writing over reading and i like mushrooms and hate squash. Apart from food i love looking at tattoos and dogs espiecally Huskys and Bernese Mountain Dogs, And i hate cats
Best Memory
My favorite memory was in 2011, when my best friend and i went to Darien Lake for 3 days and went to stay at a hotel and went to the theme park for the day, the next day when we came back from a swim in the hotel's pool our parents surprised us with Selena Gomez concert tickets. I remember on the way home from the concert we got lost and on the way back it took a hour to find our hotel
My Future
For my future I have yet to figure out what that is, I enjoy learning history and I like writing and organizing. I think it would be cool to be a secretary for a buisness I just dont know what yet. I also love to travel so it would be fun to persue something in the travel careers
When I was 6 and my brother was 11 we were home alone and we got our laundry hampers and sat in them beside eachother on our parents bed, we thought it was our own bumper cars and I ducked my head down and I was hit in the two front teeth and they fell out, of course being 6, I screamed out in pain crying and right at that moment my parents decided to stroll through the door and enter their room and colton had my two teeth in his hands and walked up to my mom and said "dont be mad"
More Childhood Stories
My brother and I when my parents went out grocery shopping used to take one of our sleeping bags and stuff them with pillows and push eachother down the stairs, i being dumb went down sitting up with my head up and hit my head off the railing
Trips and Places
Ive been to florida once with my whole family in 2011, we went to Universal Studios and Disney Land. Growing up i used to go Camping alot in my old trailer with my mom,dad and brother. Once a year i go to a ATV camp with my dad and my uncle wayne, second cousin sean and their friends and my cousins mathew and jenna

My heritage on my moms side and dads is Irish. My ancestors came from Ireland and thats where my last name " Ennis " came from
so, obviously music plays a big part in my life, from growing up with shania twain to three days grace i pretty much enjoy any type of music. Music has always been there for me and i can always relate to something. my dad was a past drummer growing up and ive always wanted to start so i did! i baught a drum set this past sumer and i really like it. I grew up listening to rush and i dicovred Neil Peart and since then ive been Idolizing him my life, i can only dream of becoming that good!
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