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No description

Tyler Croom

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of senses

Sight Sight is when light rays bounce off an object and go into your eyes. First, light enters your eyes through the cornea, which is a thick protective cover on your eyes. The light then goes through your pupil to the lens which focuses the image onto the back of the eye, which is called the retina. The retina is filled with millions cells that are sensitive to light. These cells are called "Rods" and "Cones" What is Sight? Where is sight controlled? Sight is controlled in the occipital lobe and the visual cortex Written by:
Tyler Croom What is the name of a person without sight? A person without sight is called a blind person. They normally have dog or a cane to help them get around. Fun Facts about the eye The average person blinks every 2-10 seconds
Each time you blink, you shut your eyes for 0.3 seconds, which means your eyes are closed at least 30 minutes a day just from blinking.
If you only had one eye everything would look 2-d. (this doesn't work just by closing one eye)
A newborn baby sees the world upside down because it takes a while for the baby brain to learn to flip the image.
One of every twelve people are blind. Works cited ThinkQuest, Your sense of Sight, Library.thinkquest.org
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