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Regina Pastula

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mrs. Pastula's English Classes Natural Disaster Book Report Purpose Reading this last novel of the year is a multi-disciplinary project. You are combining English and Science. The purpose of this book report is to focus on the cause and effect of a natural disaster in the novel you read. What also needs to be included in your presentation are problems and the solutions used to either help prevent another one from happening and/or solutions for better ways of dealing with the disaster after it happens. Types of Natural Disasters Avalanche
Dust Storms
Tidal Waves
etc..... Requirements for Presentation 1) Heading
2) Name of Book
3) Name of Author
4) Variety of pictures of the disaster
5) At least 1 Youtube video of disaster or of that type of disaster
6) All information needs to answered in complete sentences NOVEL TASKS 1) Write a 3-4 sentence summary of the novel you read - the topic sentence should be the main idea of the entire book
2) Identify the type of disaster from your novel.
3) Where and when did it take place in your novel?
4) Who were the characters from your novel that were involved in this disaster?
5)What was the cause and effect of the natural disaster in your novel? (3-4 sentences)
6) Must have a glossary of at least 5 words from your novel pertaining to the natural disaster. They defined and illustrated. SCIENCE TASKS 1) Give at least 3 different examples of historical accounts of this type of natural disaster. Be sure to mention where and when.
2) Identify which people or which part of the world are most at risk for this type of natural disaster. (2-3 sentences)
3) Find ways in which people can be prepared for the natural disaster described in your novel or ways in which they can better handle the effects of this type of natural disaster.
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