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Glider Timeline

No description

Jimmy Yin

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Glider Timeline

Glider Timeline
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci's glider was sketched along with many other aerial projects. His glider is based after a bird called the Kite. To get a feel for the birds, he often bought birds in the markets. He would study their wing structure and other things. Leonardo didn't create the glider during is lifetime.
Tito Livio Burattini
Tito Livio Burattini was invited to Warsaw, Poland. He built a four fixed glider wing aircraft in 1647. This model aircraft is said to have lifted a cat but not himself.
Bartolomeu de Gusmão
Bartolomeu's glider was hollow and two-winged. It was also bird-like. The public test never took place though. He made a small model and demonstrated it before the court. He was never able to make a full-scale model.
George Cayley
Caylay built a monoplane glider that looked somewhat modern. It was the first device to make important flights. He also made a large gliding machine and tested it with a 10 year old boy aboard. The glider carried the boy in one successful flight.

At the time before hang gliders had the innovation it needed, in 1952, Domina Jalbert innovated governable gliding parachutes with multi-cells and controls for lateral glide.
A sailplane is a type of glider that is commonly used in the sport of gliding. There are some gliders, known as motor gliders, are used for gliding and soaring for an extended amount of time. Although, most gliders do not have motors.
New Gliders
Modern day gliders consist of very long wings to glide with the wind and turn and move. They are taken by air planes and fly near mountains to use the rising air near the mountain peaks.
Jimmy Yin, Jeremiah Grimes, Joshua Igbeta,
Marcos Hernandez, Rakhi Allen-Sims, Herren Avery

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