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Progressive Era DBQ

Prezi on the outline of the dbq for the progressive era

Ben Thompson

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Progressive Era DBQ

prompt... Evaluate the effectiveness of
Progressive Era reformers and
the federal government in
bringing about reform at the national level. In your answer be
sure to analyze the successes and
limitations of these efforts in the
period 1900-1920. Introduction Progressives were in favor of keeping up with the times and government inclusion which did not "Fire Up" the factory owners who were used to turning a profit by their cheap old ways. The Progessives were able to succeed with the 18th and 19th amendments and were able to uncover scandals and bringing about new reforms which would help people out Progressivism Opposed?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The jerk factory owners in the before mentioned section were highly opposed to the Progessives, the ones who used children for laborers especially hated them. The Progressives wanted government intervention within the factory industry to help provide for better working conditions for the laborers. 18th Amendment The eighteenth amendment created the prohibiton, or the prohibited sale and guzzling down of alcoholic beverages unless it was of a religious matter i.e. church wine. The amendment was repealed after 1920. 19th Amendment The nineteenth amendment was the amendment that gave women the right to vote which was a major victory and a large leap toward the goal of equality. Those silly muckrakers... Muckrakers were journalists who brought out the scandals within the all of the industries that the progressives wanted to reform. Conclusion The progressives, though facing many speed bumps, were able to get the reforms they wanted, with the helps from higher powers, Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt, and helped define the new factories safety codes in America.
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