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Price, place,promotion st

No description

aya bensaid

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of Price, place,promotion st

Refers to a company's ability to actually get the price it sets
The single most important decision in evaluating a business in pricing power
Pricing Methods -
Pricing execution

Pricing decisions are reactions to what competitors are doing or are expected to do .

Positive side
Competition focused
Negative sides
Price war
Profitability may suffer
Customer value is not addressed
Pricing based the customer's perceived value of the product

positive sides
focus is on the customer needs
product benefits
creating values
negative sides
customer value information is hard to discern

Wednesday ,March 10, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 001
Pricing Strategy

This refers to how an organization will distribute the product or service they are offering to the end user.
Intensive distribution
used commonly to distribute low priced products or impulse purchase products
Exclusive distribution
Involves limiting distribution to a single outlet. The product is usually highly priced , and requires the intermediary to place much detail in it's sell .
Selective distribution
: a small number of retail outlets are chosen to distribute the product , this type is common with products such as computers ...
Distributing Strategies
Pricing decisions based on the product's cost with a focus on achieving a certain mark up or ROI ( Return on Investment )
Positive Side :
The information you need is available.
Negative Sides:
Customers and competitors not taken into consideration .

The importance of

methods .
*Cost focused
*Competition focused
*Customer value-based pricing


execution .

Summary .
pricing methods

understand the cost , monitor the competition
and value to the customer
pricing execution
having a pricing champion , train sales and marketing
Warren Buffet
Indirect distribution :
involves distributing your product by the use of an intermediary

Direct distribution

involves distributing directly from the manufacturer to the consumer
Promotion strategies
An organization promotional mix can consist of :

is any non personal paid form of communication using any form of mass media
commonly used to obtain an increase in sales short
term ..
This involves developing positive relationships with organization media public ..
Is the sending of publicity material to a named person
Selling a product or a service one to
one . This can either be done face to face or over the phone ..
The use of the world wide web for the promotion of products or services ..

Under the supervision of Professor JELLALI
Presented by:

Aya Bensaid
Jihane Elhafidi
Salmane Zeroual
Youssef Hanine
Thank you for you Attention...
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