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A mobile re:library walk (longer)

No description

Åke Nygren

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of A mobile re:library walk (longer)

Where is the library? outside the library walls? in your pocket? postdigital library @Kista eco-system between the office and home? @home? at work? staging the unexpected the glocal digital community kista feed kista tracks here? www.kistaidealab.se @cafe? @bar? @virtual worlds? @metro? @social media? Where is the book? multitechnological multilingual det digitala i det fysiska What about learning? Blowers circulation agents Mash up experts Touch Web Self Publishing Stephens King Order chaos Life Stories (http://biblfeed.ning.com/profiles/blogs/gott-nytt-aar) http://vodpod.com/watch/3391169-this-week-in-libraries-4-helene-blowers-michael-stephens-and-david-lee-king-?u=peterals&c=peterals passion Center of Community engagement facilitate creation of new knowledge be where the users are coffeeshops Curators Navigators digital divide digital networked age prosumers everywhere is here! develop awareness of new information technology free! exciting interfaces virtual/physical space urban information bar? theatre of knowledge? geolocation Augmented Reality user participation co-creation informal non-formal formal Who are we? Ning BIldanätverk bygga lärandebroar digitala
språkliga Experts Empathetic Information Coaches Matchmakers facilitators bridgebuilders community builders hashtag: #re:library multilingual multinational multicultural multispecial det mobila biblioteket 2010: end of social media
- main stream
- penetration
- positioning Play & Learn Folkbildning 2.0 Folkbildning 3.0 collaborative learning digitala knytkalas
helpdesk språkcafeer byt digital kunskap! byt språk! Story Lab Learning Lab Job Lab Kista Idea City
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