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Sarah Mather

No description

Macayla Linton

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Sarah Mather

Underwater Telescope

Sarah Mather received a patent of a combination lamp and telescope. Mather's patent on a submarine telescope and lamp was one of the 14 issued to women from 1841 to 1851. She patented the device in 1845. The invention premitted sea going vessels to survey the depths of the ocean. And in 1864 Mather added an improvement to her previous invention to detect southern war ships. Mather's telescope is one of the earliest scientific inventions credited to a female inventor.
Sarah Mather
By: Macayla Linton

Sarah mather is a U.S inventor.
She was married and had at least 1 daughter
Sarah Mather invented the underwater telescope

She was also a cytologist, and a cytologist, a
scientist or biologist who studies the function
and structure of cells
What I like most about her
What I like most about her is she was one of the first women credited for scientific work
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