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Copy of My Goals 6014

Where I've Been, Where I am, Where I'm Going

Rebekah Garvin

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of My Goals 6014

Some people mark time by college degrees
I mark time by....
A ride I wanted

Some people mark
time by college degrees or careers...
I mark time by . . .
Rebekah Qara bat Yahovah
To live as an artist is to allow whatever it is that “works so powerfully” in you – to come out. And to refuse to let your glory be constrained by others.
Gary Barklow, The Noble Heart
Love at first sight
Sick and Abusive Love
Marines: Hardcore Love
True Love Lost!
One of many
Broken Lover
Civil War Love
I was born with the desire
to teach
Inspiration: Little House on the Praire and Dead Poet Society
And a real teacher
named Brad Hunter!
"The gifts and calling of Yahovah are irrevocable."
Romans 11:29
I am an Ephraimite, I am 45, I have 2 daughters and I have been married for 16 years!
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Pablo Picasso
The glory of our life answers the question,
“What do I have to offer?”

Then the question becomes,
“Toward what purpose?”
Gary Barklow," Answering the Two Big Questions," March 27, 2014
Tonight I'm going to quickly share
Where I've been
Why I'm here
Where I'm going
Perfect Love
Puppy Love
Throughout those Carnival Ride years:
Private School (19 years)
Aquatics Career (10 years)
Summer Camp Girl (10 years)
Missions (1 year)
A slew of jobs
College (3 different / 7 years)
Always Art and Education Focused
Death was not the escape I wanted
I actually wanted to live
True hope was found in Yah's Story
I am captivated by the One who made me and rescued me
Can we say obsessed?
I never finished college because of the gift of an unsolicited career:
Ink Time Design, Inc. (9 years)
But I did "finish" the Love Story
Finally married my best friend of 12 years. If he had just let me kiss him back then....
While in our downtown home we had 2 daughters
From here Ink Time Design, Inc. was established
Now I got me a good man so now I mark time by dwellings
I discovered:
(I offered him a kiss, I was rejected)
I'd had enough!
I'm so not kidding!
Makes me tired just thinking about it.
13 years in this home, 15 years of successful businesses and then the Economic Crash!
Throughout the course of our time in that house, Elohim healed our hearts, but we had no idea what was coming....
Our healed hearts were FREE to lose everything and start a new journey.
He gave us a gift of raw land... that we worked fast and hard on before winter hit
That year life became about pure survival ... and lasted 4 years.
We lived off-grid with no running water, no flush toilet, no electricity with "Town Day" once a week.
Q: How many steps to our fridge?
We worked our bodies to the core. Unrelenting chores, but there was freedom in simplicity.
We did a free-fall!
In poverty and with our own hands we built our new home and made it beautiful.
Winters are brutal and thankfully I
lived through them.
It is here that we discovered who we are
as Ephraimites and what that meant.
It was in our garden last summer that I felt the Ruach move my heart to finish school so I could pursue an evolving dream.
Simple things
meant a lot. Like a hot bath-date with my hubby!

Solar power for 1-2 hours of light at night
But Papa always provided!
Poverty does not have to mean a shapeless and dirty life.
Composting off-grid
After what we've
been through ...

school is a vacation!

I love it!
Ink Time Design, Inc
Graphic Design Firm
Served over 600 Christian Camps
I traveled around the country to conventions building relationships and securing jobs
A Chance Encounter Photography
"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman / John Eldredge
I am most proud of being a good mommy and a friend to my hubby.
I loved being a
After losing the studio and our home, Yahovah led us to the wilderness
We were forced to sell anything of value and get 'light" so we could fit into a tipi.
In the winter we called ourselves the 'children of misery'
After 25 years in the making, mommy went back to school!

It was awesome! I got to shower every other day!

I got an A!!!
I want to find these youth and build a place for them to gather!
The many 'sects' within this movement are keeping the young people isolated from each other. They have nowhere to meet, no summer camp, no youth group, no special schools and no college to find each other!
For nearly 10 years we've been hosting the Biblical Feasts in a beautiful way that very few people choose to explore.
After transferring my AA from NIC to BSU in January

We moved from the tipi
10 hours away into an....apartment!

Mountain hippies to
city folk!

Found a Master's Program in Israel. Makes sense to finish my Bachelor's in the US.

From the tipi I talked to Chris Johnson in the Academic Advising Office. He listened to my story and then suggested the MDS degree.
He encouraged me to finish the one class I had left at NIC in order simplify credit transfer to BSU.
In pursuit of my goal, I felt some 'credibility' would be an order.

AA. BA. MA. Then maybe a PHD?

Once it was confirmed that I could graduate from BSU in 2.5 semesters and I could get financial aid .... we started packing!

Ok - first I enrolled at NIC to finish Biology
Q: What was our chicken's worst enemy?
Where do our deepest wounds come from?
For many years we were successful wedding, family, baby and dance photographers
What is my dream you ask?
I'm glad you asked.
Our gardens were amazing! We fed 5 other families with CSA boxes from our gardens
Teshuvah College
An Institute of the Melech Tzedek

My daughters need a rich and vibrant community of like-hearts. A place where they can be with kids their own age who keep the Torah. It breaks my heart that my daughters feel isolated.
I'm not confused anymore! I know that I was born to awaken the youth who are asleep and encourage them to seek Yah with all their heart.
There is a growing need for someone to rise up and take care of the '2nd Wave of this demographic.'

Bill Publos, Biblical Studies Center:
He believes students are looking for 'this kind of structure.'
"Where head knowledge becomes heart knowledge and obedience becomes delight!"
Q: How long is the Feast of Dedication?
Q: What was Queen Esther's Hebrew name and what does 'Esther' mean?
Books, games, banners, juice, candles, I just can't stop dreaming about them . . .
The obsession I mentioned earlier hasn't gone away, it's just gotten real focused
Damoni Write, Assistant Director of Get Involved suggested that I not pursue a Leadership Minor because I need to get to Israel asap and that will just detain me unnecessarily.
I will take 6 hours in the summer and 14 hours in the Fall to graduate in December 2014 with a MDS degree!
Then we will move the family to Israel next Spring
Master's degree in Biblical History and Geography at the Jerusalem University College
You can take the girl out of the mountain, but you can't take the mountain out of the girl!
Then it's off to build Teshuvah College for the King!
Q: According to the Torah, which day of the week is Shabbat?
Off to find our demographic through:


Travel (home to home)

Partnering with established Messianic ministries for advertising

We will also create an international youth group.
And then after a rough pregnancy and learning how to be Hadassah's advocate ....
The Torah made King David's heart come alive as it does mine!

One of the blessings, I got a camera again!
Maggie is at the Ballet Academy
Hadassah is getting ortho care
I have answered this for my life. I hope you answer it for your own.
The man ride
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