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No description

alexa nichols

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Marketing

Main Issues
Minimum wage & overtime pay
Working conditions
Background/Overview History
Mission, Vision, Values
International Strategies
Expense Report
Stock Trend & Details
Genesco's mission is to become the most customer-focused company in the footwear industry, with consistent performance in the top quartile as measured by market share, sales growth, return on assets employed and operating income.
Genesco Inc is a Nashville-based specialty retailer that sells footwear, headwear, sports apparel and accessories in more than 2,455 retail stores
The company grew rapidly and took the name General Shoe Company in the 1930s.
The company assumed its current name, Genesco, in 1959
James Franklin Jarman and William Hatch Wemyss founded Jarman Shoe Company in 1924
Different brands targeting a diverse customer base
Corporate offices offer good benefits, including free fitness center and classes
Litigation's increase expenses and are counter productive
Focus on internet and mobile commerce will facilitate higher revenues from the channels
International expansion
Rising labor wages in the U.S.
Hacking issues with portion that processes payments
Long Term + Short Term = Total (76.367m) Q3 2014
Q3 is an abnormal quarter for Genesco.
Q2 = 33.089m
Q1 = 33.730m
They safely doubled their debt in Q3
What is the role of Technology in the firm?
How does the Technology impact the actual product/service?
How do they manage information?
Is Genesco's technology cutting edge?
The balance sheet says that they chose to fund their capital needs through equity, the income statement says they could take on more debt to supercharge earnings.
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