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How did Hieroglyphics develop ancient Egyptian society?

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Aaron Dunlop

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of How did Hieroglyphics develop ancient Egyptian society?


Part of the development of hieroglyphics affected ancient Egyptian culture by allowing the transference of ideas. This writing style allowed the ancient Egyptians to pass cultural messages and information from one generation to the next. It also allowed the society to become more cohesive.
Different types of writing in Egypt
How did Hieroglyphics develop ancient Egyptian society?
By: Aaron

Records and memory
Hieroglyphics helped the Egyptian Society develop culturally and technologically. By keeping records, it allowed them to pass traditions and memorable history to the next generation. Technology advanced because they were able to keep a written record of what they learned as well as the "how-to's"....example, how big the pyramid blocks were supposed to be or how to make the pyramid exactly the way it was made in the first place.
For the Egyptians, communication was very different partly because they of course were not around at the same time as us so they did not have the same technology as we do today. Hieroglyphics were part of the reason they were so advanced for their time. The only people that understood Hieroglyphics were the scribes because it was one of their own.

If we didn't have Hieroglyphics that would have stopped over half the communication they had with later generations. The tiny bit of communication they have with later generations would be from artwork.
Almost everything that they did would have required communication. For example just to build the pyramids it took around 100,000 people to build the whole thing. The Pharaohs or whoever was in charge would have had to get all those people to understand what he was saying so that they could co-operate. Basically the only way they could communicate is by expressing themselves in artwork.
If we didn't have Hieroglyphics
How the culture influenced the language.
Inventions in Egyptian weaponry at the beginning of the New Kingdom saw the creation of new symbols such as the horse and the chariot and the sword. This meant that old symbols were being replaced by newer symbols because they don't mean anything anymore.
Over more than their 3.000 year history, Ancient Egyptians discovered three types of writing, Hieroglyphics, Hieratic and demotic. It wasn't just Hieroglyphics that changed Egyptian society, it was all three of them. They helped most of the communication in Egyptian Society.

Nile, Jewelry, Etc...
The Egyptians Hieroglyphics also helped developing the Nile River, it kept track of the depth of the Nile River on a specific day of the year. It again helped the creation of jewelry and luxury items, decorating them with Hieroglyphics and carving them into art.
Hieroglyphic Jewelry
Today I showed you how Hieroglyphics developed Ancient Egyptian Society, not just Hieroglyphics but Demotics and Hierotics, they all helped the development. Keeping records was the most important development, because it was the hardest to remember by yourself, you just wrote it down on the Rosetta Stone. Thanks for listening.

Rosetta Stone
Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics (Book)
If you look on the model there's a drawing of Hieroglyphics that spells something. Let's see if you can figure it out by using my model
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