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Wesleyan University Weeding Project - 2011-2013

It Can Be Done! Charleston Conference, November 2013

Patricia Tully

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Wesleyan University Weeding Project - 2011-2013

Volumes to withdraw
Changes made
All lists for all rounds open for faculty review

- CTW to share lists of books to be withdrawn

- Rounds 1-3: Only books not marked to retain will be withdrawn

- Round 4 - no re-consideration of 'keep this copy' candidates

- Withdrawn volumes first offered to faculty
published before 1990,

acquired before 2003,

fewer than 2 check-outs since 1996,

held by 30 or more libraries,

held by at least 2 partner libraries in CT
Withdrawal candidate criteria
30,000 becomes ...
... when the decision is made to move the Art Library into Olin.
 Trinity College
Wesleyan University
Connecticut College
The CTW Consortium
1986: Major expansion of Olin Library

1989: Art Library reaches capacity

2005-06: Multiple-copies withdrawal project

2007: Withdrawal of some JSTOR bound journals

2007: Installation of compact shelving in SciLi

2008-11: Reduction of Olin Reference by 1/3

2010: Monograph budget cut by 47%
1986 - Olin Library renovation
1989 - Art Library reaches capacity
1990s - 2000s - Annual
transfers from Art Library to Olin
2005-06 - Multiple-copy weeding project
2007 - SciLi compact shelving installed
2007 -- JSTOR journal bound
volume weeding (ongoing)
2008-11 - Olin Reference reduced by 1/3
2010 - Monograph budget reduced by 47%
Status of current weeding project (July 2013):

- Round 3 books being processed for withdrawal
- Round 4 projects underway

Spring 2014:
- Major shift of library collections
- Preparation for Art Library move
Wesleyan University
weeding project

Collection Analysis
May 31, 2012 deadline: Round 1 (A–G call numbers)

Oct. 31, 2012 deadline: Round 2 (P call numbers)

Mar. 31, 2013 deadline: Round 3 (H-N and Q-Z)

Dec. 31, 2013 deadline: Round 4
As of September 1, 2013
Weeding Project
Shared storage
Five College Depository
/ Other storage projects
- journals or books?
- central or distributed?
It Can Be Done!
Charleston Conference, Nov. 2013
... an 8-minute presentation
P classification:
199,938 volumes not withdrawal candidates;

31,134 volumes are withdrawal candidates
Founded 1831
Middletown, Connecticut
2,950 undergraduates
350 faculty members
200 graduate students
Spring 2012 conversations
2/3, 3/8: Library Faculty Advisory Committee
2/7: Faculty lunch presentation
2/9: Wes Student Assn. - Academic Affairs
2/17: Natural Sciences/Mathematics lunch
2/28: Rick Lugg, Andy Breeding presentation
4/10: Faculty meeting presentation
WesWeeding blog; faculty forum listserv
are not
"Why not create
a storage space
instead of
"Why not just
expand the
"Why only books
published before
University Librarian
Mass Murderer
of books
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