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Sweden Culture

Bob Smith

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Sweden

Sweden Pullman Fredrik Reinfeldt
Government Sweden is a hereditary monarchy.

Swedden has had Sixty two kings Sweden has had Thirty-Two Prime Ministers . Websites We used
Euractive.com I am a Triplet Wars Since the 19th Century First Barbary war (1801 - 1802)
War of the fourth collation (1805 - 1810)
Finnish war (1808 - 1809)
Dano - Swedish war (1808 - 1809)
Swedish - United Kingdom ( 1810 - 1812)
War of the sixth collation (1813 - 1814)
Congo crisis (1961 - 1964)
War in Afghanistan (2001 - present) History History facts Sweden has been a country sience 900 ca
Sweden has had 62 kings
Sweden has been in 26 wars Religion Christianity
Islam Art Swedens Artists Sofia Ahibom
Jhon Bauer
Siv Cedering
Michael Dahl
Carl Fredrik
Alexander Roslin These are just a few of the many artsist in there history Language's spoken in Sweden Swedish
Danish Sweden's dialects Stockholmska
Estonian Swedish
Carl XVI Gustaf Language
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