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Pirates of the Caribbean Plot Diagram

Plot diagram of the movie

Daisie Danylak

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Pirates of the Caribbean Plot Diagram

Exposition: A flashback of Elizebeths childhood
Initail Incident: Jack Sparrow savesElizabeth Initail Incident: Jack Sparrow saves Elizabeth when she falls off the bell tower Pirates of the Caribean Plot Diagram Initial Incident: when Elizabeth fell off of the bell tower and Jack Sparrow came and saved her. Rising action:
The pirates come and invade the town and take Elizabeth
The pirates tried to break the curse
William is captured by the pirates
The pirates failed to break the curse again Climax: The war between Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa. Falling Action: The curse was broken and Captin Barbosa and his crew members were all surendered. Resolution: Jack Sparrow was going to be killed when he was saved by William. How does plot help you understand text? Plot helps us understand
text by... Helping to see
how the story is planned out.
It shows how the story has a begining, middle, and end.
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