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English/Social Project

marvin yamonaco

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Xx!!RESISTANCE!!xX

RESISTANCE!!!!! By: JAMAL and WHITE NINJA in ch.1 of me and adrians book it talks about how citizens in a town are angry about Hitlers Dictator choices. In ch.1 of adrians book a young women named Marissa is going to trie and stop Hitlers rain of terror. This is a group of people fighting the soilders and those people are Vilna, Lithuanias This is a picture of resistance fighters planning to bomb a train. Resistance in europe during WW2 was important part of deafeating nazi, Germany's military group This is jewish resistance fighters captured by nazi soilders. During the warsaw ghetto uprising. From 1939 to summer of 1941, the resistance movement in europe had found it hard to make much efforts on destroying the german military in ch.2 of jacobs rescue, the nazi's trapped all of the jews in these little villages called ghettos European Resistance!! all of this changed in 1941 with operation Barbarossa, the attack on Russia! Resistance groups through out Europe had done little for the resistance and with this new attack it all changed. Albanian Resistance!!!! The Resistance in Albania was totally loyal to stalin and Russia. The mountans in Albania was made perfect, beacuase it made it perfect for resistance fighters to operate. Partisans in Albania were poorly grouped and unorganized! the resistance was led by Colonel-General Enver Hoxha These are albanian boys and girls in the resistance. !BOOKS! Danish Resistance! Denmark was in a weird position, Denmark was not actually at war with Nazi, Germany. the King Christian X, had declared a protest becuase of germany illegaly occupied Denmark It was very hard for the Danish to form resistance becuase it was not legal to the allies. But a very small group of resistance. In august 1943, this situation was so bad that the Germans gave the Danish goverment an message saying they were goin to all die this put Denmark a death wish and they went into a state of emergency XxPoland ResistancexX The polish resistance was very active in WW2 up untill the Barbarossa Operation in June 1941 the polish had 2 new enemies, Communist Russia and Nazi Germany both had attacked Poland in Sep. 1939. After June 1941 Poland became the main military transport for Germany. from June 1941 to december 1941 russia and Germany destroyed 1,935 Railways, and took out 90 trains, and set fire to 237 transport lorries Russian Resistance! These is a Russian resistance family the Russian fighters fought in terrain that the Germans found impossible to conrol. the # of fighters in russia were estimated to be 142,000 the impact of fighters in russia against Germans was great in ch.5 of Jacobs Recue, it tells that if you got cought than your whole family will be killed for hidding a jew BELGUM RESISTANCE!! this is a picture of a pole getting beat by nazi-soilders just for the fun of it. This is a picture of the people that were killed becuase they were involved in the resistance This is a picture of the prison that the nazis killed jews in. this is a picture of belgium people being inslaved. The belgum fighters gave the nazis the most trouble becuase they had the best tactics they fought in the wooden Ardennas this was a region of the country were the woods was so dark even in the day that you could barly see so it gave the belgum alot of advantages They were allies with the british and the Belgum would send nazi intelligence to the British. this is a belgum town after the Germans were done with them! !!!!!!!THE LAST RESISTANCE AND THE BEST!!!!!! HUNGARY RESISTANCE!!! Hungary was actually an allie of nazi-Germany, and supplied men to germany, but there was a resistance is Hungary this is a picture of the nazi commanders deciding to take out hungary or not! In the end of the novel jacobs rescue the family that was hideing jacob was rewarded for keeping him safe in the moon is down when the invaders were in the village some people in the village welcomed them and than some just wanted them to leave so in the novel the moon is down the villagers learnd that the invaders were not there to help but there to take it over and be slaves so the villagers did not want to be slaves so they decided not the listen to the invaders but the realized if they did this the invaders would torture or kill them. Jacobs brother had scarlet fever and died in his arms scarlet fever was starting to spred very fast jacbo was hidin in a coutch to go into the hospital for his operation this risistance was very discrete in WW2 there was not very much info becuase the nazis pretty much tok over Hungary the nazis could not attck russia they were so scared becuase the Russians were so big that there was no way they could possibly take out all of Russia.
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