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Moon Landing


Victor Mustala

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Moon Landing

Moon Landing Buzz Aldrin Born January 20, 1930 Jet pilot in the Korean war Born as Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. First astronaut to spacewalk and second astronaut to walk on the moon Married to Lois Driggs Cannon Three children, James, Janice and Andrew Married to Patricia Collins, three children: Kate, Ann and Michael Jr. Has done two spaceflights Born October 31, 1930 in Rome While Armstrong and Aldrin went to the surface of the moon, Collins orbited the moon Michael Collins Neil Armstrong Born August 5, 1930 Jet pilot in the Korean War Has done four spaceflights The first person ever to step foot on the surface of the moon Married to Carol Held Knight Two children: Mark and Eric Political reasons July 20, 1969 In 1957 the Sputnik 1 satellite was launched to orbit the moon by the Soviet Union This meant that the Soviet Union could use missiles for a surprise attack against any target As a response Nasa was created On the moon The landing was broadcasted to around 600 million people, and had approximately 450 million listeners After planting the US flag, the astronauts got a phone call from Richard Nixon The astronauts collected surface material of more than 22 kilograms The astronauts spent around two and a half hours on the surface of the moon Problems faced Just when the eagle was going to land a computer showed the text "1202" and "1201" program alarms. Armstrong had to take semi-automatic control. The astronauts managed to land safely with 25 seconds of fuel left. When Aldrin climbed into the eagle he accidentally broke the switch that would fire up the engine for the take off.
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