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China Project

Caitlin Hull

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Taiwan

Some tensions exist between social groups. The majority of people in Taiwan came from or have ancestors who came from mainland China before 1949. In 1949, mainland China fell to the communists. Many Mainlanders work for the government. Tensions between Taiwanese and Mainlanders have eased substantially. Taiwan has a multiparty democracy Starting in the 1980's, China began a long
hybrid economy that blended communism
and capitalism. China will never allow Taiwan
to gain independence In 1995, Taiwan began making more movement
towards independence, but, then China started
conducting more military exercises near Taiwan In 1996, tensions were high. China began
extensive sea and air exercises, even firing
somne surface to surface missiles. China knows that Taiwan has
trade and commercial relations with
a number of countries, so they are very interested
in their economy,. After communists seized power
in mainland China, it caused the ruling Nationalists to flee to the island of Taiwan. Taiwan China has not invaded Taiwan
because they have a strong air force
and military, but they have
not let them gain independence. By:Caitlin Hull Independence Day:
- Who?
Taiwanese and mainlanders
They broke away from communist government
Because they were controlled by a communist government and they are finally free from that government
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