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N Zhao

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Pyjamas

8 year old Bruno meets Shmuel(also 8) at an unguarded corner of barbed wire fence that's part of the extermination/concentraction camp that's run by his father, but Bruno didn't know it was a camp, he thought it was a farm and that Shmuel is a farmer's son.
He found the fence when he was exploring the forest nearby his new home and accidently came upon it.
He got to the forest by climbing out of an outhouse window in his backyard when his mother went shopping. He was reading at the time, his (and Gretel's) tutor (Herr Liszt) had given him the book to read.
Bruno climbed out of the window because he wanted to explore outside of his house , because there was nobody to play with.
There was nobody to play with because he had just recently moved to the 'countryside'. There were people there but he wasn't allowed to play with them.
From his bedroom window, Bruno had seen what he thought was a 'farm' and 'farmers' wearing 'pajamas'.
His mother said he could play with them until later when she had the chance to see who Bruno was speaking of, and then changed her mind rapidly and boarded up the window when she overheard his conversation with father and saw one of the farmers; he was in the kitchen delivering vegetables. Bruno was asking Father about the farmers on the farm when mother interupted.
Bruno and his 12 year old sister, Gretel, Mother and Father had moved to the 'countryside' because of Father's new job, he was promoted to the commandant of an extermanation camp, except only Father knew that, Mother and Gretel thought it was a work camp. And it wasn't really the countryside, it was more likely to be Auschwitz which was in Oswiecim, a little outside of Cracow, Poland.
There had been a party for father at the old house in Berlin. Mostly everyone was happy for him, Grandfather was proud of him, however Grandmother was not.
He had discovered the window when Pavel(the man who used to be a doctor but gave it up to peel potatoes)also the farmer who delivered the vegetables)) went with him to pick a tire to make his swing.
Lieutenant Kotler was the soldier who had called Pavel to help Bruno make a tire swing. He was washing a car and Gretel was there, talking to Lieutenant Kotler.
That was when it all started, but the timeline starts somewhere else.
Bruno returned many times to the fence, hoping to find Shmuel there.
One time he brought Shmuel a cake, Maria almost caught him, but he got away.
Bruno learned about Pavel's kind personality and a little of his background even, like how Pavel used to be a doctor, when he fell off his swing. Bruno fell off because he was distracted by smoke in the sky, and Pavel had carried him in and put a bandage on it. Then Mother came in and made Bruno go to his room, but later she timidly thanks Pavel. The smoke that Bruno had seen had a very unpleasent odour to it.
And one time he came back late, and mother almost caught him, but he got out of that too.
He also learned the truth about the 'farm' from Shmuel. But he still thought it was a farm.
Then one day Grandfather came to visit. Grandma couldn't come, she wasn't feeling well.
During the dinner Pavel spilled some of the wine. Lieutenant Kotler dragged him to another room and kicked him. Maria was scrubbing the same room later, and a different man came to peel the potatoes, so Pavel must have died.
And despite what Herr Liszt told him (and Gretel) about the Jews, Bruno didn't believe him because Shmuel was his friend, however Gretel does.
When Mother complained about the smell of the smoke, a comment made by Lieutenant Kotler tells Mother that the camp was actually an extermination camp.
She became depressed after that.
Father didn't do anything.
Father and Mother had a big fight that night.
That was also the night Bruno learned it was a work camp.
He was afraid of Kotler that he denied it.
When Bruno finally meets Shmuel again, he has a black eye.
Bruno apologizes and Shmuel forgives him.
They shake hands.
But before that Bruno saw a film about the camp. It made the camp look nice. Bruno thinks Father is a good man again.
He hugged Father after.
Lieutenant Kotler got sent to the front(of the war), because he had dissapointed father (in a personal way).
A telephone call came. Berlin got bombed and Grandmother died.
Bruno and his family goes back to Berlin for the funeral.
After he gets back, Bruno and Shmuel play checkers. It turns out that Shmuel's grandparents had died too, but there were no funerals.
Mother agrues with Father about the camp, and in the end they decide that Mother would take Bruno and Gretel to go to Aunt Lotte's in Heidelburg.
On the same day Shmuel tells Bruno that his father disappeared.
To make up for what he did to Shmuel(and to satisfy his own craving for adventure) Bruno tells Shmuel he would help him find his father. Bruno plans to dig a hole under the fence and crawl over.
Bruno told Shmuel that he was going to bring him 'an extra big sandwich' if he brought him a pair of the 'striped pajamas'.
The next day, moving day, Bruno hides the sandwich in his pants, but when he went through the window the sandwich fell out. Shmuel remembered the pajamas.
Bruno digs a hole under the fence and goes through to the other side. But first he changes into the pajamas.And he leaves his old clothes at the fence.
Meanwhile, Mother discovers that Bruno was missing, she and Maria(the maid) and Gretel go looking for him.
Mother then goes to Father to tell him that Bruno was missing. Then everyone goes to look for Bruno.
They eventually get to the outhouse and see the open window with the sandwich below it.
Using tracking dogs, Father and some of his soldiers follow Bruno's trail through the woods, with Gretel and Mother behind them, although he didn't know that.
Father sees the clothes by the fence and the hole under it. He and the soldiers run to the entrance of the camp.
Mother and Gretel are next to see the clothes and the hole. They stand there in shock.
But it was too late.
When Bruno and Shmuel were searching for Shmuel's father, they first checked in Shmuel's hut.
But before that Bruno had seen how the camp was the opposite of the film he saw.
And then they became trapped in a mob that was being herded to the gas chambers.
When they got in the gas chamber changing room a voice said 'clothes off'. They obey because a Jewish man had assured everyone that it was just a shower.
When the solider with the gas mask poured Zyklon B granules into the chamber, Bruno and Shmuel hold hands.
Bruno's father sees the locked gas chamber door and realizes what happened. He yells
Mother and Gretel hear Bruno's name and they then sob over Bruno's clothes.
The End.
What are the differences and similarities in a friendship story and a love story?
We chose The Boy in the Striped Pajamas because it was a friendship story and everyone watched it. We are comparing this to High School Musical 1 due to the same reason, however it's a love story.
By: Emily, Ninan and Anna
=A similarity
=A difference
One day Bruno saw Shmuel at his house, cleaning glasses. He gives Shmuel a piece of cake, but then Lieutenant Kotler came in and asked(yelling)if Shmuel stole it, Shmuel tells the truth; that Bruno was his friend and gave him the cake. Kotler asked(yelling)Bruno if that's true.
Something happens so that that the 2 people get seperated.
Pajamas: When Bruno gave Shmuel the cake, and Lieutant Kotler saw him.
HSM: When Chad made Troy say that singing didn't matter, and Gabriella heard him.
The ending to Pajamas is sad, while the ending to HSM is happy.
In friendship stories the main characters are usually the same gender, in love stories the characters are a boy and a girl.
The chances of the 2 people meeting are really low, but they happen anyway.
Both stories happen over the course of 1 year.
But not during the same year.
The people all do something to make the ending what it is.
Pajamas: Planning the adventure to find Shmuel's dad.
HSM: Planning so that Troy and Gabriella can win both of their competitions and go to the callback auditions.
One person goes to the other persons house.
In both stories 1 character has a family problem.
Pajamas: Bruno's parents are fighting.
HSM: Troy's dad didn't approve of him singing, but he changed his mind later.
Pajamas: Bruno and Shmual die
HSM: Everyone goes to the gym and break out into song.
We are comparing two different kinds of stories; a friendship story and a love story. The timeline is only for the friendship story, otherwise our presentation would be too long.
compared to ...
deleted scene
The similarities and differences we found.
Shmuel, Bruno later learned, was a Jew.
Herr Liszt taught Bruno and Gretel antisemitism and propaganda disguised as part of the history curriculam.
So that was how Bruno got here...here meaning there.
The trailer of the friendship movie:
The trailer of the love story movie:
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