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Shakespeare still lives!

No description

Giselle Herrera

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Shakespeare still lives!

How his works are still incorporated into the today's world. Shakespeare Hamlet Not only do we still read Shakespeare's works today, but it is also included in many famous movies as well, one of them being The Lion King. The Lion King is based off of Shakespeare's "Halmet". Hamlet is about a Prince named Hamlet who's father was posined. He is led to belive that his uncle Claudious murdered his father to get the throne. Claudious does end up being king after marrying Hamlet's mother Gurtrude. A ghost of Hamlet's father appears and tells him that he was indeed posined by no other then his brother, Cladious. He ends up going mad and insane. Hamlet ends with a duel in which they all die. The Lion King The Lion King if you recall has Simba who is a prince and his father is King Mufasa. Simba is told that when Mufasa dies, he shall become the new king. However, Mufasa's brother, Scar, is outraged because he would've been king had Simba not been born. Therefore, he plans to kill both Mufasa and Simba so he can take over the throne. Simba survives but his father does not, Scar then tells Simba he was the cause of his father's death causing Simba to flee. Years later Simba is reunited with an old friend whom tells him that ever since Scar became king, the kingdom has changed drastically. If he does not return, everyone will starve. It is then when Simba agrees to go and fight for his kingdom. Eventually he battles Scar and the truth is revealed that Mufasa's death was not his fault. Simba ends up taking his father's place as king. The Taming of the Shrew The Taming of the Shrew is one of the comedies by Shakespeare. In this play, Katherina is the "shrew" one who is very violent or agressive and doesn't wsnt to participate in the relationship with Petruchio. However Petruchio "tames" her until she is an obedient bride. 10 Things I Hate About You 10 Things I Hate About You has a similar plot, but has been updated. It is about Bianca and her sister Kat short for Katherina. Their over protective father doesn't allow Bianca to date until Kat does. The problem is Kat is considered a "Shrew" one who isn't the type to date. Bianca who is really eager to date teams up with the boy who fancies her and his best friend, and the guy for Kat, Patrick. Patrick is payed by another guy who also fancies Bianca so they could date. Love Story - Taylor Swift The song Love Story by Taylor Swift is based on a guy who Taylor used to like and speak, not officially dating, to but her family and friends did not approve. Taylor then got the inspiration to write a song about love that actually triumpths through obstacles. She uses Romeo and Juliet's story from Shakespeare to show that but actually having a happy video. In the beginningof her music video, you see her and "Romeo" but the setting is at a college. Then throughout the vidoe the setting is similar to those of Romeo and Juliet, the castle, the ballroom dancing scene, and sneaking out to see eachother. Nearing the end, Romeo asks "Juliet" to marry him because the father finally approve. The modern version in college ends with "Romeo" and "Juliet" about to kiss. Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings The song Check Yes Juliet is a modern twist to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
In the music video the lead singer "Romeo" tosses rocks to "Juliet's" window. Juliet's parents don't aprove of their relationship and want her to stay away from him. In the music video they do anything to stop them from being together. It ends with Juliet sneaking out of her house through her window to see Romeo sing at a house party. Arthur Shakespeare references can even be found in kid cartoons like Arthur! In this epsiode of Arthur called "Kiss and Tell", it starts off with D.W "Juliet" waiting for Romeo on her balcony. Her imaginary friend is like the nurse in the play. You then see a man climbing up the vines to get to the balcony which is how Romeo gets to Juliet in the play. However once the man is on the balcony he says, "You're not Rapunzel! Hmm must be in the wrong balcony." and proceeds to climb out, but falling. In the episode Emily tells D.W about her trip and how her friend Pierre kissed her. She described it as feeling like a princess. D.W then throughout the episode tries to get her fellow classmate James to kiss her. During her chase, she asks Arthur if he knows anything about kissing, is when she spots "Romeo and Juliet" in Arthur's room. He briefly describes it to a curious D.W. James meanwhile doesn't know what she wants until the end is when he finally kisses her on the cheek. What's in a name? Reasoning behind The Hunger Games Names Ever realized how unusual the names are in The Hunger Games? Well I have the reasonings behind them! If you've seen the movie or read the books, you know who Cinna is. If you don't, he is Katniss's stylist for the interviews before and after the games. In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar there were two guys named "Cinna". One was a politician involved in the planning of killing Julius and the other was a poet who was murdered, mistakened for the other Cinna. The Cinna in THG was creative like the poet and maybe his name says he could also be a rebel against Panem? Other names also used in THG from Julius Ceaser are Cato, Portia, Octavia, and Flavia. New Moon "Star Crossed Lovers" The term "Star-crossed lovers" is from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet. This term in The Hunger Games is used to describe Peeta and Katniss's love foreachother; forbidden because they come from the same district and have to fight to the death where only one will remain. If they are in love, it will be pretty difficult to try and kill one another hence why the term "Star-crossed lovers from Distrcit 12" is used for them. In "Romeo and Juliet" the term was used because there was an old fueld between their families that forbade them from being together. Not even Stephenie Meyer could refrain from including a Shakespeare quote in her book. In "New Moon" she uses the wuote from "Romeo and Juliet", "These violent delightd have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder, which as they kiss consume." In "Romeo and Juliet" Lawrence says it to Romeo when he askes Lawrence to marry him and Juliet. Stephenie Meyer used it because it demonstrates the end of Edward and Bella's relationship when Edward suddenly leaves and Bella's violent reaction to it.
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