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I will miss you

No description

Adam Martin

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of I will miss you

This has been an amazing time in my life And I would like to thank each of you Ashley It was great getting to know you at the baseball game. You are super smart and I know you will do amazing things. Good luck! Brian thank you for one of the best compliments anyone has ever given me
when you said I reminded you of Teri Hatcher's Burnt Toast!!! That got me
through many days....... Chuck without you I wouldn't know what Prezi was AND....none of this would have been possible. This office wouldn't have the environment it does without your crafting of it. And thank you for taking a chance on hiring me after what I am sure were some eccentric answers; you have been a great boss and mentor and I am grateful and fully aware that not everyone has the opportunities that I have. Denis always there to calmly guide our words. A talent very very few of us have, and I sure as hell don't. (See....)
We would be in great trouble without you and I appreciate your efforts on everyone's behalf. George Sorry your name is crooked, I was sprinting down the hallway when i wrote it :)
We weren't close until this past year but I have loved getting to know you and appreciate everything you have done for me. Don't forget to watch Chelsea on the VMA's, September 12th! James james, james, well well well.....
It's outside of my comfort zone to ask someone I don't know very well to do something but I am very happy I asked you to come play football. We never had much time to spend together but when we did have a few minutes to grab coffee we would squeeze 2-3 weeks of life and catching up into those 10 minutes. Some of those talks I will remember forever and I know I will always have you as a friend. Random Generic Hot Guy photo to keep everyone interested........... If that's your
thing I won't
judge you JASON there is a reason probably about half of the office considers you their best friend, it takes a
special person to show that much care to each and every person and work that into an everyday routine.
I know when some of the hardest times in my life have come up you are one of the very first phone calls I make
and I don't expect that to change. It's been a great experience sitting by you day to day and getting to know you. I will
miss this often. Jeff that's my little brother's name.
I wish he was as funny as you.
He is as nice as you, probably even nicer, but
definitely not as funny. We are only half brothers,
if the previous statement didn't make that
obvious. Boat Slip next year? I'll buy you one of those drinks...
whatever they are called.....it's escaping me.....I usually have 4-5 then fall down until
dinnertime (as mother would say)
Jillian I am so glad you are finally on staff. I
can't wait to hear about what that does for your career but also for Victory. Your drive and desire have been there since day one of your internship and that is rare and appreciated. Good luck!!!!!!!!!! JOSH No one else I have ever met can turn a horrible mood into laughter with a ridiculous one liner like you can. I will be hitting you up whenever I need one! Kate Welcome back! I hope you love it here!
Keep those board members in line ;) Kathleen I did the math this week while I was being retrospective and I have had about 125 interns during my time here in DC and you Miss Kathleen CRACK ME UP. Which is not easy to do! Never sway from your Southern charm no matter how long you are gone. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself on our Metro adventure. I will never forget the time you said "Oh, you are going to Charlotte well my ex-girlfriends'-cousin's-friend of a friend I think still lives there if you want to hang out with her!" SAMIR We haven't had very much time to work together , however I think you have maybe told me more times than anyone how disappointed you are that I am going. It's no competition but that felt good and I am thanking you. I am also thankful for your editing and organizational skills. I asked you to tear apart my Orientation process and you ripped it to shreds, and I asked you to look at my resume and it came back worse for the wear, but now vastly improved. Thank you! Torey Vogue. Ok, I want everyone in the office to do me a favor when you have a free minute----go ask Torey if you can see his Building ID---- (and ask him how many options we gave Datawatch to choose from)

In all seriousness it's been great having you the past few weeks I hope you love it here for a long time to come.....congratulations on finding a place where you can be part of something, take part in a mission you are passionate about, but also an organization that needed you to come along. Don't let the others pull any foolishness. Mother can take away the sodie pop if need be! Look! I'm an artist! Mark Anthony You work the craziest hours!!! Your work ethic is impressive and it has been a great joy watching you rise in the ranks from beloved intern, to fellow and now to Staff. Thank you for being a friend and best of luck!!! MARTIN E. I take comfort in the fact that no matter where the Pride celebration is that I am going to you will most likely be there!!!
And I can't wait to run into you and hear all about your Jetsetter lifestyle. Sincerely, thank you for working your
A** off to make our events etc. run as smoothly as they do today, we all remember not too long ago when this wasn't the case.
Martin G I am so glad we have become great friends and also thankful you
introduced me to Spice Express. My child appreciates it. I
know we will be in touch often and hopefully one of those
little election things of yours brings you down to the Carolinas
so we can hang out! Talk to you soon! Sorry you aren't here today and I didn't
realize our last day was last week!!!!!! Robin Remember that time we bowled like an entire game of 9's? That was funny. Your smarts and
know how are definitely 10's though, not 9's. It has been fun having you back I hope you have enjoyed it also! Sarah I'm not worried at all about keeping in touch with you because I know you and Demitrian are
like two siomese-tar heel-dont know any better-twins seperated at birth and that we will see you very soon and be
meeting up in both NC and SC. I will definitely miss sitting right behind you in our pod on a daily basis though!!!! TIM
I love your ability to be both extremely sweet and a cold hearted bitch within a matter of minutes, haha. It has been great fun getting our timing down over the last few years to a point where we know exactly what each other is thinking and can both roll our eyes on cue. Take care of the pod and take care of yourself in all of your new adventures. I will miss you!!!! Shawn You have taught me a lot about politics, and we
taught each other some stuff about life. I expect to
see great things from you in both arenas. it is going to be weird not coming here each day. I have truly enjoyed it and will miss it often. Take care Ya'll. Samir, thanks for the video idea, you are each welcome to Hang with me anytime. BYE!!
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