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Advocacy campaign

No description

Sandie Diamond

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Advocacy campaign

Advocacy Campaign
Lobbying for Change a Call to Action

Needs Assessment for Washington State
Too many people are dying.
Not enough measures are being taken to prevent firearm homicides.
In 55% of DV Homicides a firearm was used.
WA State's Response to the Problem
WSCADV - Collaborated with Lawmakers
HB 1840 was introduced in 2013.
Advocacy Groups began mobilizing.
Media begins to cover the issue.
Social Media
Reaching &
Speaking Out
The Root of the Problem
Domestic Violence
Firearm Fatalities
Tell Congress to Support Bills to Reduce Domestic Gun Violence
@ http://action.momsdemandaction.org/page/speakout/DVA-2013?js=false&location=
Mom's Demand Action on Facebook:
Domestic Violence and Gun Laws Pinterest:
Tell Staples that Guns and Crayons Don't Mix
Passing Universal Background Checks
: http://act.weareultraviolet.org/sign/dv_october_infographic/?source=uv_website
The Bigger Picture
Recent Victory in Louisiana
Recent Victory in SCOTUS
Potential National Legislation S.1290 - Senator Klobuchar
9 Ways Facebook Agreed to crack down on Gun Sales
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