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Pope Urban II

No description

Austin Wahl

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Pope Urban II

Pope Urban II
- He lived in middle ages from 1042-1099
- He was born in France
- Pope Urban II was very educated
- attended
- assisted Pope Gregory VII before becoming a Cardinal
- became Pope after Victor II died, March 1088
The Crusades

- became pope after assisting two Popes
-elected in 1088
- monuments of him in France
- helped Papacy become stronger
- Known as best Pope of his time
- He was beatified by the Catholic Church
- He was known as the greatest Pope of his time.
Interesting Facts About Pope Urban II
Pope Urban II
- started the first crusades
- Becoming the Pope
- he established the Roman Curia
- freeing the Holy Land
- issued decrees against Simony, and clerical marriage
- Laid foundation for papal monarchy

Pope Urban II was a brave, superior man and a born leader. He was definitely not afraid to take risks especially for the sake of his religion. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest popes of his time and best known for starting the Crusade to free Jerusalem. The Crusades was the first of many over the next two hundred years. The effects are still felt today. Who knows what it would be like today if he never launched the first crusades. One thing for sure is that the Catholic church would not be what it is today without Pope Urban II.
By: Austin Wahl
- to become the Pope
- to start the Crusades
- regain Holy Land and Jerusalem
- first Pope to start the crusades
- Used many techniques to get people to join the crusades
- He made most influential speech of the middle ages
- 60-100,000 people joined the Christian army
- Many Christians their life's
- Muslim army was very experienced at fighting
- they succeed at regaining control of Jerusalem
- Pope Urban II died before knowing he achieved his goal
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