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Esperanza Rising Chapter 15

No description

Kathlyn Daley

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Esperanza Rising Chapter 15

1. The River

Chalk Talk
Each group will have a different color marker, so it’s clear which group has gone to which chart.

Before you begin, please start your writing way up at the top of the chart, since other groups will be adding to the chart.
Do Now
1. Take out your homework

2. Copy homework

3. Re-read authors note and list of major metaphors and themes in
Esperanza Rising
Learning Objective
- I can determine the meaning of literal and figurative language (metaphors and similes) in text. (RL.5.4)

- I can determine a theme based on details in the text. (RL.5.2)

- I can use quotes to support my inferences in literary texts. (RL.5.1)
Review and record
Chapter 14 quiz
Questions to Discuss and Chart
How does this big metaphor show up again in the last two chapters?

Why did the author do this?

How does this ‘big metaphor’ help us understand an important message or theme in the novel?
Big Metaphors and Themes
What metaphors and themes do we see again in chapters 13 and 14?
Five Big Metaphors
Esperanza Rising
2. The Heartbeat

3. The Blanket
4. The Rose
5. The Grapes/Harvest
Esperanza Rising
The Grapes Metaphor
“What did Papa mean when he told Esperanza, ‘Wait a little while and the fruit will fall into your hands’ (pages 2 and 223)?”

How does this show up again in Chapter 13 & 14?
Pick one big metaphor that you liked.

Explain why you like it. How did that big metaphor help you understand the themes of the story?
Guided Reading
Write a two voice poem and try to incorporate one of the big metaphors
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