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Auge Altitudinem

No description

George Noury

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Auge Altitudinem

Auge Altitudinem
By: George Noury

Comes from the noun "auctus" meaning an increase.
Comes from the noun "altitudo" meaning height.
Auge Altitudinem is conjugated to be a command to grow.
Auge is in the imperative form to make it a command
Altitudinem is in the accusative case because it is the direct object.
Purpose of the Spell
It is to grow twice the size of Hagrid(approximately 22 feet tall) without losing muscle mass proportional to the new size of your body.
It is commonly used to be done upon yourself when you duel someone.
Depending on the person and the intentions, it can be used for good or bad.
For example, Bad: prank done to a person who is in a small shower or if Draco Malfoy uses it.
Good: To help a friend win a duel (preferably Harry Potter). Done upon yourself to beat Draco Malfoy in a duel.
How and Who
How it works

How could it be used in Ancient Rome?
The Auge Altitudinem spell could be used to build buildings much more efficiently.
By growing in height, the buildings will be done much quicker because of how tall the Ancient Romans built their buildings.
Examples: Arch of Septimus Severus, Valens Aqueduct, Pont Du Gard, Tower of Hercules, Baalbeck, Collosseum

avada kedavra
Must wiggle the wand while directing the wand up the body while saying Auge Altitudinem three times.
Make sure to stop for a second at each joint so you do not develop chronic arthritis.

Who can use it
Students who have completed their first three years of Hogwarts may use it considering they have taken three wand skills classes, with at least a B+ in each class
If done in the muggle world, you will be sent to Azkaban prison for 20 years.
Victim 1:
John Lawrence Higgins IV
, Please step forward...
Victim 2:
Henna Tiwary
, Please step forward...
Victim 3:
Aaron Skutnik
, Please step forward...
Victim 4:Madison Bailkowski, Please step forward...
Victim 1 v. Victim 4
Victim 2 v. Victim 3

Directions: Demonstrate to the rest of the class how the spell
is to be performed. Once you are finished, have your partner
try the spell on you. Make sure to do the correct

Warning: I am neither responsible nor culpable for anything that may or may not happen in the demonstration of this spell. This has not been tested on Scabbers or his rat family yet.
expecto patronum
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