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Life of Bobby Flay

A Chef's Life

Deven Street

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Life of Bobby Flay

Major Accomplishment Educational Experience Work History Bobby Flay The Life of Bobby Flay Born:Robert William Flay
December 10,1964 Age:48 Favorite Cooking Style:Mexican & Southwestern Education:French Culinary Institute He is married to actress "Stephanie March" although he divorced two times before. Flays first restaurant job was working for a pizza parlor and then in a Baskin Robbins. In 1982 shortly after he dropped out of school Flay got a part-time job filling in as a busboy at Joe Allen's restaurant. Which later turned into a full-time job. Soon he was moved from busboy to kitchen helper. Flays boss at Joe Allen's paid to send him to the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, which Bobby attended after earning his high school equivalency diploma. Flay received the institute's Outstanding Graduate Award in 1993. One of Bobby Flays major accomplishment is when he was grilling with President Obama at the White House in 2009. Bobby Flay has one daughter named Sophie. What I learned from Bobby Flay's life I learned that hard work and dedication can all pay off someday but, you have to keep working to get it. How Bobby Flay showed perseverance Bobby Flay showed perseverance by never stop doing what he wanted which was cooking. No matter what job he had Bobby had always loved cooking and that never stopped him from getting where he is today. How Bobby Flay is a role model How did Bobby Flay become famous Character traits that I admire about Bobby Flay Does he own any property Bobby Flay owns seven restaurants: Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, New York, and the Bahamas; Bar Americain in New York and Uncasville; Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City and Bobby's Burger Palace in ten other locations. Bobby Flay is role model because he inspires people to create a new style of flavor and put it into food. At the age of 17 Bobby Flay got a cooking job at the Joe Allen Restaurant in NYC.The restaurant management paid Flays tuition at the French Culinary Institute, but he took a Southwestern cuisine class, rather than French cuisine. He wanted to put a new and colorful twist on southwestern cuisine. Bobby opened his first restaurant, the Mesa Grill, in NYC in 1991. It earned him critical acclaim from The New York Times for its "sassy fare." His culinary arts career continued to rise with the 1993 launch of Bolo, dedicated to Spanish cuisine. Work Cited www.Biograhpy.com www.Wikipedia.com www.Culinaryed.com Thank you for watching By: Deven Street The character traits that I admire about Bobby Flay is that he is devoted to his love of cooking and that he has an ambition to take his culinary skills to the next level. How did Bobby Flay get a passion for cooking Bobby got his passion for cooking when he was watching his mother cook at home all the time. When he was at the age of 8 Bobby asked for an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas but, his dad thought a G.I. Joe would be more gender-appropriate. In the end of it all he ended up getting both.
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